Journal-Pure natural Hetian jade (Hetian jade) Xinjiang material ink and wash red blue and white bleached ink round bone bracelet

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Journal-Pure natural Hetian jade (Hetian jade) Xinjiang material ink and wash red blue and white bleached ink round bone bracelet


**#name/** Ink painting **#describe/** Most of Hhotan I take in the direction I think CP is good The color and pattern are beautiful, it is a very special literary style bracelet The version of this one is very beautiful, and the overall oily feel is good. It is made of Xinjiang blue and white material. It feels a little yellow, and the perfection is very good The diameter of the positive circle is 57.1mm, suitable for general 57-59 palm wear **Bracelets are all customized items made by the store manager, and valuables cannot be sent back. The quality problems are not returned or exchanged. The photos are all taken with natural light. Please read the description of the bracelet clearly and pay attention to whether there are any flaws. If you have any doubts about the size, please ask clearly before buying. I welcome you to ask for 100 questions and answers. Or don’t like it, 7788 returns for personal reasons, let’s talk about it again! Can’t return!!** **#Material/** Pure natural Hetian jade/Hetian jade Planting water: Xinjiang Hetian jade Size: diameter 57.1x width 10.3x thickness 10mm Gift box: each bracelet comes with a gift box packaging Certificate: There is a Chinese certificate, jade/hetian jade guarantees pure natural A product, and supports various inspections. As long as it is not A product, the full return shipping package inspection fee is included!! A lifetime guarantee for everyone **#Precautions/** 2021 version: Please read the following items in the public description to OVER 1. Natural stone, jadeite must have its naturalness, various textures and characteristics, impurity, mineral and lack of patterns, etc... will try to mark it, if you can’t accept the suggestion, you can go to see if the glass is a glass work, it will be more satisfying Ask for the perfect friend. 2. Each piece comes with exclusive packaging and Silver cloth, and the gift box must be purchased; the bracelets are all equipped with boxes to protect them from falling. 3. Natural Gemstone and minerals are all afraid of detergents, shower gels, and hot spring seawater disinfection; if you accidentally get them, please rinse them with clean water and dry them with paper towels or soft cloths. 4. The best maintenance method for silver jewelry, natural stone, and jade is to wear it often. If you don't wear it, wipe it with a clean soft cloth and put it in a sealed bag or maintenance box. 5. The designer has a bad temper and hates being urged. I want to do it with my heart, so I don't accept urgent orders within 5 days (not to mention that I am urgent after placing an order) 6. Please remember to choose the size when placing the order (if you didn't choose it, because I am often confused + forget to ask = directly make the mass size) 7. The treasures in the design hall are all designed and creative, and do not contain any effects, magical effects, enlightenment and heavy metals; jadeites can be as small as beads to bracelets, and materials can be reviewed around the world; no matter how long I will do this in the future , As long as I am alive, I will keep the A goods. 8. I am Ali, and Journal has a fan group and a community! If you have more detailed details to discuss, please come to me! <3 **#同场加映/** >>>Bracelet measurement: >>>Different bracelet types will also have the need to increase the number, for example 1. Royal concubine (ellipse) inner length diameter 55mm = true circle (perfect circle) diameter 53mm 2. Round bone 55mm=Beauty (flat inner circle) 56mm 3. The bracelet width is greater than 10mm, it is recommended to take one size bigger. >>>Add Taiwan Certificate:


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Pure natural Hetian jade/Hetian jade Dimensions: diameter 57.1x width 10.3x thickness 10mm Gift box: each bracelet comes with a gift box packaging


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