[Paper-made possible] the splash | Ink series | Simple passport cover

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[Paper-made possible] the splash | Ink series | Simple passport cover


"Noble" is an excuse for humans to make more animal dermal products, and a means for businessmen to seek profit. Could it be said that the right of animals to survive can be ignored by holding these two words? Without leather bags, we would not die; without leather shoes, we would not die; without leather sofas, we would not die. But once animals lose their only fur protection, they will definitely die...Can you imagine? In fact, all the corpses on the back and under the feet are dead animals. Let go of the animals together! Use leather paper as a substitute! It is paper, made of natural fiber pulp, a kind of plant fiber, which can achieve the characteristics comparable to leather, so it is named. It can be wet without breaking, tenaciously replace leather and enter your life. the life story// Be casual and honest, breaking the boundaries of the law.// 🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻 ⊛ Illustrated product production materials ⊛ Leather paper ▸▸▸ gray Ink ▸▸▸ lavender (freely splash ink, each one is different) Stitching ▸▸▸ lavender thread Interval ▸▸▸ 2 main compartments / 2 card slots / 1 sim card + sim pin / ticket holder Others ▸▸▸ Only put the last page of the passport into the passport cover, not the entire copy, because it is convenient to take it out immediately after passing the customs. 🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺 ***** The designer has something to say: Please read all the product descriptions clearly before you take the photo. You really have to read it clearly or ask clearly before placing an order~Thank you! Below are the color plates taken in-kind on the po. All colors are based on the color plates. Guests can refer to the corresponding color plates according to the above description~ ***** 🔹Hand stitch and thread stitching production🔹 ----------- https://farm1.staticflickr.com/843/43624484642_1796484bfa_o.png ----------- Contact the designer to customize exclusive styles Order process: 1. Choose leather paper background color https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0501/9081/1311/files/Colorpack_paper_v8_8db5b398-d5df-42b8-bc3f-83810547c9a1.jpg?v=1621426814 2. Provide ink color reference pictures ----------- What is leather paper? This is a new type of environmentally friendly material widely used in South Korea, Japan and other places. Its raw material is made of natural fiber pulp, does not contain harmful substances, and can be degraded and recycled. This leather paper is more comparable to the toughness, stiffness, and wear resistance of real animal skins, and is deeply loved by the new generation of young people. It has the washing-resistant properties of textiles, so it also has other names: "washable kraft paper", "washable kraft paper". In addition, if you want to add special features, you can soak in water and rub it gently before use. After drying, the product will form natural wrinkles. The visual effect is more natural and nostalgic! ---- Purely hand-made works, from cutting to perforation and sewing are all made by hand. It is inevitable that there will be minor flaws, and ultra-perfectionists choose carefully. Thank you! ---- All pictures are taken under natural light. It may be affected by different monitors or different color combinations, resulting in chromatic aberration issues. The following is the material color version of leather paper. The color version in the picture is taken in kind and adjusted to the closest actual color. All colors are subject to the color version. ---- Origin/manufacturing method Handmade in Hong Kong


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This product is an order-made product, it takes 30 days (excluding holidays) to make time, please be considerate and thank you!


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