<Botanical Jewelry> Fruit Necklace

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From the botanical world _ Jacaranda fruit "Floral Jewelry", The unique luster and texture are as precious as a jewel. We have different choices for jewelry and a way to re-appreciate nature.



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&lt;Botanical Jewelry&gt; Fruit Necklace


"Floral Jewelry", The unique luster and texture are as precious as a jewel. We have a new choice in the jewellery box and a way to re-appreciate the love of nature. "Every day's life is spinning around the seeds, from morning coffee, to the cotton in our clothes, to the cup of cocoa before going to bed." - The victory of the seed -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------- Betel nut -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------- There is a lengthening practice to adjust the length slightly to match the collar part of the garment. Material / Fruit dried by the sun Brown cotton imitation leather rope Primary color hemp rope Copper extension -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------- Taiwan fruit seeds collection / sun drying / manual small production design Fruits and seeds are collected slowly by our family in daily life and travel. Each one is unique. Some fruits have their own imprints, and some may have unique appearances due to the influence of the weather environment, or they may be different. When the period meets, it will be a different state. We have some connections with these fruits, the memories of that trip, and the way we talk to nature. We cleaned the fruits one by one, dried them in the sun, and kept their original unique taste. Choose well-matched design and hand-made into jewelry, home accessories, etc., and continue to be beautiful. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------- 【Packing and Shipping】 https://i.pinimg.com/originals/86/45/ee/8645ee075ab227f6228cd25e09e8c097.jpg https://i.pinimg.com/originals/90/b5/65/90b565e0cfdc197ba8eaecb19282ed58.jpg 1. Use a kraft paper box, please re-use it. 2. Buffers are used to protect the fruit during packaging. 3. If the shipment continues for several days and heavy rain, it will be delayed to avoid serious moisture in the transportation process. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --- [cleaning and maintenance methods] Wipe the surface gently with a cotton cloth, and then apply a thin film of oil (such as coconut oil or petrolatum) to protect the fruit and metal parts from moisture. [The best way to store] Dry area: Separately placed in a dry and ventilated area to avoid suffocation and moisture. Wet area: Place it in a zipper bag and drain the air to remove the desiccant. [Reading instructions] Treat gently. It is not suitable for rain, sports, swimming, hot springs, going to the beach, bathing. Wearing it is the easiest way to maintain it. 【service】 Free repair service, you can contact us through the fan page. If you have any other questions or are willing to share photos or have something to say, please feel free to contact us.


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