Natural raw ore cinnabar, purple gold sand bracelet, cinnabar amount of more than 93%, blood circulation, beauty, Tai Sui, and safety

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Natural raw ore cinnabar, purple gold sand bracelet, cinnabar amount of more than 93%, blood circulation, beauty, Tai Sui, and safety

รายละเอียดสินค้า **[The best quality cinnabar origin]** Our cinnabar producing area is located at the junction of Xiangxi, Hunan and Tongren, Guizhou. This area contains one-third of my country’s cinnabar deposits. It is an important cinnabar deposit in my country and the world. The cinnabar deposits in Xiangxi are rich and of special quality. Good, the color is bright red, the particles are huge and accompanied by surrounding rocks, it is radiant and good for viewing. **[Benefits of wearing cinnabar]** Evil ward off effect: Cinnabar can ward off evil because evil is born, stored in yin, and emitted in yin. When people receive yin, the balance of yin and yang will be lost, and yin will be stored, received in yin, and engendered in yin. In Chinese medicine, cinnabar is called an extremely yang thing. It has the function of balancing the aura of yin and yang. People need the balance of yin and yang to live a healthy and long life, leisurely and contentedly. In addition, Chinese medicine in my country has long discovered that cinnabar has special sedative, hypnotic, and anticonvulsant effects. Therefore, people who often go to nightmare and have nightmares are a must-have for people to be frightened. Feng Shui effect: Cinnabar is collected from the mineral veins of the essence of the sun and the moon. Because it absorbs the righteous energy of the heaven and the earth, it has a very strong magnetic field. Unlike jade and dzi, which feels cold when held in the hand, cinnabar is warm in the palm of the hand, which means that cinnabar is a magnetic field with a strong yang energy. The world has always regarded it as turning Tai Sui, good luck, and good luck. It is one of the mascots to protect the evil spirits and pray for wealth. Physiological function: Women wear cinnabar to help beauty and beauty. It can promote blood circulation, improve blood problems, and promote the body's regenerative ability. Many female friends will experience endocrine disorders, poor blood circulation, and dysmenorrhea or irregular menstruation for a few days every month. Because cinnabar has the effect of promoting blood circulation, it can help regulate endocrine, improve the function of reproductive system, and then can improve gynecological diseases. **[Distinguish true and false cinnabar]** ⑴ Burning with fire for 2-3 seconds, the cinnabar will turn black and wait a few seconds, it will turn to its original color. ⑵ Strong gloss, high-content purple gold sand has strong gloss and can reflect light. ⑶True cinnabar can be cut to see clear crystal particles and sparkle. **[Traditional craft polishing]** We adhere to the traditional polishing process and refuse to glue, color and wax. Most businesses use machine polishing and beads are treated with glue. The more you wear these beads, the more unsightly they are. This destroys the natural spirituality of cinnabar and is even harmful to the human body. We do not hesitate to labor costs. , Sanding with sandpaper over and over again until the beads show a natural oily luster. **[Imperial Red Sand and Amethyst Sand]** We have selected two kinds of fine cinnabar, imperial red sand and amethyst sand, with the highest material content. The imperial red sand is good in color and the cinnabar content is as high as 95%. The color of amethyst sand is purple and red cinnabar. The crystal points are beautiful and the cinnabar content is as high as 93%. , So that every customer can have high-quality cinnabar jewelry. **[Embroidery Jewelry Bag]** A hand-embroidered jewelry bag will be given as a gift, which can also be used as a purse after receiving it, and put lipstick and other small items. You can also leave a message to note the color you want. If there is no message, the color will be sent out randomly. **[Hand circumference measurement]** According to the method on the picture, measure the size of your hand around the skin, you can send a message to the designer, or you can leave a comment. If there is no comment, it will be made according to the public size 16CM.


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This year, a must-have cinnabar jewelry natural ore purple gold sand bracelet with Hetian jasper all-match style Efficacy: It turns Tai Sui, transports evil spirits, protects the body, protects safety, clears away heat, detoxifies, prevents fright, and treats insomnia and body cold. Bead diameter: 6mm, hand The surrounding can be customized, leave a message to remark the clean hand surrounding, pay attention to the new hall to send coupons.


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