Moon and Pearl AKOYA Pearl Flower Chain Earrings June Birthstone

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Moon and Pearl AKOYA Pearl Flower Chain Earrings June Birthstone


~~~ ❄ Wrapping available at +250 yen ♪ ~~~ ❄Flower pearls are pearls (according to pearl oysters) that are produced (cultivated) in Japan, and are of particularly high quality, have a very low appearance rate, and are valuable and very beautiful. This time we use the highest quality pearls! ・ Material -14KGF, moon earrings, catch 925 silver, real gold coating -Akoya Akoya pearls: about 6-7mm, round, good, scratches: less 花 All pearls provided by RALULU.SHU have been tested❄ ・ Size -Overall length: about 30mm (about 8mm for the moon) * We try to shoot in colors that are as close as possible to the actual thing, but it is the characteristic of natural stone that the impression changes depending on the condition of the light. ************ Stone language: health, longevity, wealth, pure, innocent The Power of Stone: ▲ Unleash Your Potential ▲ Enhance Your Artistic Talent Pearls that bring happiness Pearls are considered to be stones with strong power to repel evil. It is said that it has the effect of improving the environment so that people who have it can be happy every day. Pearls are not stones correctly. However, pearls purify negative energy and shine their charms, and are expected to have various other effects, so they are treated as power stones. Pearls are known as jewels of love because they have the power to extricate evil and attract the opposite sex, and are often used in weddings. Pearls have a strong protection since ancient times and are said to protect their owners. It can also be expected to eliminate depression and irritation. Because they have the strongest protection, they also have the power to protect children from accidents and illnesses. It has the same effect as shellfish loving pearls and growing them in the body, and is also effective as a talisman for pregnant women and safe delivery. For the same reason, it is expected that children will be blessed. Freshwater pearl that enhances femininity and is effective for beauty and health It is said that wearing pearls has the effect of enhancing a woman's motherhood, enhancing beauty and femininity, and in the old days, Cleopatra was said to have worn it as a charm for beauty. Wearing pearls brings out the good aspects of women, has the effect of coordination, and enhances the feminine beauty both inside and out. It has long been believed that this stone has the power to maintain youth and health. ************ ralulu.shu ralulushu natural stone power stone gold K14GF 14kgf 14KGF gold filled accessories jewelry jewelry stone handmade present gift new work 2018 cool AKOYA pearl pearl earrings


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Moon motif earrings using high quality AKOYA pearls.


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