[LY] Matcha Chiffon & Apple Tea Pound Cake

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LY strictly selects the "Kyoto Uchiyama Nori Matcha Powder" imported from Japan by air to Taiwan. The ingredie


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[LY] Matcha Chiffon & Apple Tea Pound Cake


__" Remind you"__ After the payment is completed, please use the "Contact Designer" button or click on the "small envelope" icon to inform you of the date and time of receipt. Considering freshness and home delivery time, LY's cakes are freshly made and no inventory is reserved. Arrival period can be selected: not specified / before 13 o'clock / 14-18 o'clock (no delivery on Sunday), if not indicated, it will arrive before 13 o'clock. After receiving your message, you will reply to confirm the arrival date within 24 hours. **[ LY pound cake & chiffon | Hand-made baking]** **|| Brand Concept||** **The original intention of LY was to make delicious, healthy, and lower calorie cakes. It is hoped that natural natural flavors can be baked with natural ingredients by using the least amount of oil, sugar, and calories. Please savor the simplicity and reality of LY and add some good time to your daily life.** __| Matcha Chifeng |__ LY strictly selects the "Kyoto Uchiyama Nori Matcha Powder" imported from Japan by air to Taiwan. The ingredients do not contain green algae, pigments, and artificial flavors. It is a natural matcha powder with no coloring, no added, and no flavor. LY's Matcha Chiffon, adding a certain proportion of Yano Park Matcha Powder, the flavor and taste is very comfortable and not too bitter. After many modifications to the recipe, the satisfactory finished product was baked. Matcha came in and tried LY's Matcha Chiffon. __Apple Red Tea Pound Cake |__ The crispy and sweet Fuji apple is paired with a creamy batter with a unique black tea fragrance to bake a perfectly balanced apple cream cake. Each piece of cake can see fresh, cut apples. The vaguely aroma of black tea and the flavour of apple cake are subtly combined. LY's apple black tea pound cake can definitely be included in your afternoon tea cake. __Cake ingredients?__ 【Chifeng】egg, fresh milk, flour, sugar, canola oil, matcha powder, salt [pound cake] apple, egg, butter, flour, almond powder, sugar, rum, earl tea, aluminum-free baking powder, salt __Cake size?__ 【Chifeng】approx. 6 吋, 6-8 slices, suitable for 1-2 people [pound cake] about 16x7 cm, can cut 10-12 pieces, suitable for 2-3 people to eat __How to eat?__ [Pound Cake] It is recommended that you eat it after you have "frozen" or "heated". Because the cream cake will feel stiff after refrigerating, it will be better to enjoy the taste of ice after returning warm for 20 minutes; it can be baked in a 150° preheated oven for 3-5 minutes, or steamed in an electric oven to reach the inside of the cake. Taste. [Qi Feng] The texture of the room temperature is soft and moist, and it is more elastic after being frozen, and it is also very tasty after heating. __Shelf life?__ Because Taiwan’s climate is humid, “normal temperature” is served within 1 day; “refrigerated” can be stored for 3-5 days. Since LY is pure and contains no preservatives, the product should be served as soon as possible and taste is best within 3 days. Freshly prepared ingredients, please "seal and preserve" to avoid getting wet, getting dry, or inhaling the smell of the refrigerator. __Remarks__ To promote environmental protection, not to actively provide disposable knife and fork trays and bags. If there is a need for birthday celebration, we can provide small candles and cake flags. Welcome!


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