【German ∞ Europe ∞ sent】 Nemo Science Museum // color pencil original painting

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ภายใน 1 อาทิตย์
【German ∞ Europe ∞ sent】 Nemo Science Museum // color pencil original painting


▌ Germany to send a small story
I am a architect, I like to draw, because the painting brought me a dream, five years ago I have painted Prague, Paris Tower and other places, and five years later opened a 135-day trip to Europe , Finally saw the scene of the painting. With the accumulation of time, I think the painting is no longer able to make me fascinated by things behind the story and the local history and culture is the reason I can not stop the brush. I have held hand-painted attractions and sharing activities in Barcelona, Paris and London for the purpose of being closer to the local culture or to some of the traveler's experiences. Whether it is the local people to lead the old town to play a long history, or because of hand-painted activities and gathered in the restaurant visitors to share, are fascinated by this way of travel. I hope to be part of the paintings and friends to share, I hope this painting is not just works of art, more likely to become a gift, a goal, a space in the delicate decoration. I will continue to complete 100 European hand-painted and Taiwan 100 hand-painted story, welcome to track our fan page.
Facebook: German style

▌Nemo Science Museum
Walking on the Canal River in Amsterdam, it is easy to be attracted by a green ship parked quietly on the canal, but it is not a boat, a museum full of interactive museums, an Italian architect Renzo Piano, People can overlook the beauty of the city, and into the big cabin, there will be a magic so you can not help but play together, you can trap people big bubble, you can easily hold up the device, need to wear professional Experimental white robe to enter the laboratory and so on five floors full of different implementation of the game, Nemo so that science is no longer just textbooks on the knowledge, but can become a day to play all over, Of the Science Museum.

▌ painting Original Artwork
Name: 【German ∞ Europe ∞ sent】 Nemo Science Museum // color pencil original painting
Media: Pentel black ink pen / Faber color pencil
Size: 11cmx15.5cm
Material: white cardboard 210g
Uses: home decoration, office display, business layout, gifts for their own affordable
Note: If you want to change to other works, please write to ask!
More works: IG: ddspie_liande

▌ Frame Frame
Size: Outside dimensions 17.5cm x 12.5cm / inner dimensions 13.8cm x 8.8cm / thickness 0.8cm
Material: Alloy (Silver) / Glass Panel / Flannel (Black) Overlay Backplane

▌ painting scene
Home space

Office Space

▌ object
Learning through play!
Give yourself, give parents, give a child or give a friend a goal, personally to Amsterdam to experience the beauty of the city!

▌ gift
Can give us gifts object name, address, phone, can help you write blessing small card, more details welcome to chat!

▌ about copyright
The images you have purchased do not contain the copyright and reproduction rights of the works, are not reproducible and used for commercial, monetized purposes. The copyright of the images is in German style. The copyright of the images is legally protected, copyright is reserved and applied The right to print or exhibit, the purchaser shall agree and abide by the above specifications.
Origin / manufacturing method
Taiwan / hand-painted original works


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