Mr.Banboo F series [met emerald green with a temperature of bamboo story] Taiwan handmade glasses

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Mr.Banboo F series [met emerald green with a temperature of bamboo story] Taiwan handmade glasses

[Exclusive] retain the most primitive mingled, bamboo skin, making bamboo
Tough elastic energy to play to the maximum, can make their own adjustments to retain more bamboo itself
Most representative bamboo integrity, whichever meaning is: rising.

[Each pair of glasses sunglasses are a whole group Get Set]
[Kraft folding glasses case, color can be selected]

Brand Name mind: Mr.Banboo & Mr.Bamboo
Although the two are very similar pronunciation, but for us it is much different meaning,
Different n and m is a door to success or very uncertain about forks in the road,
And as long as the door I n a focus on success rather than a distraction,
Because success is only one way to be called off.

Origin Design: Why glasses can not make their own adjustments?
People who wear glasses have encountered the same problem, the glasses are often too loose
Sliding or tight pinch headache, but usually too busy school and work,
But also all the way to Opticians, just to go to adjust the tightness,
Glasses tightness, easy to affect the individual's mood, but also affect the quality of work.

For this reason I decided to make a, make a lot of people who wear glasses,
Can easily adjust their glasses tightness.

The first team can own exclusive use both hands to be able to
Adjust the tightness of Taiwan handmade bamboo glasses.
Adjustable bamboo temples, Taiwan Nantou Chushan wallflower
Follow the ancient bamboo kept three to four election without leaving VII.

Adjust video demo []:

**Our team Mr. Banboo**:

Micro-film dream home three centimeters articles [crossed] Hung Chu Yan

In line with the face of engineering design:
In addition to wear glasses to look good, but also very comfortable to wear,
As part of the body, can revel in their uniqueness.

Madou grapefruit tree new life: {people} Tutu grapefruit
I always hope that more Taiwan material, play a greater value,
So find on Lijia Han Madou, Tainan [5012] grapefruit meaning,
The grapefruit tree or fruit Do not cut branches that can be used to re-innovation of art,
Hand made unique works [global].

This world every Mr.Banboo hand glasses only been one.

The beginning of the story:
Goal 1: Hand Production Mr. Banboo_ old window grille _ series.
Objective 2: to push the internationalization of Taiwan handmade glasses, do not let foreign handmade eyewear brand ahead of us.
Vision 1: Let the more people wear our shared stories and memories to inspire the hearts of three centimeters philosophy.
Vision 2: bamboo farmers second time if we make more jobs, I think it would be something we want to do.

Is Taiwan do? [Height]
I was eating Taiwanese rice water drink a child growing up in Taiwan, often someone will ask, Why do handmade bamboo glasses,
My answer always has a little sad: In Taiwan, consumer awareness textured handmade glasses,
Japan, Germany and USA will always have well-known brands, is Taiwan do? I do not believe
I decided with the unyielding character, by Taiwan bamboo and wood temperature, wake impressive touch,
Taiwan adhere to native bamboo and wood and technology, the world belongs to tell our story.

Why choose bamboo glasses? Because three centimeters [Philosophy]
Many people do not know, bamboo growing fast, but it is the first three or four years may be less than three centimeters long,
Because it is rooted, bamboo roots can be extended to around two or three meters, after the fourth year,
Bamboo will be a day at a speed of one meter sprint growth, only about ten days,
Can grow up to ten meters high, in front of all the roots, like doing things the same reason,
Rooted in the most basic to the most stable no tie, all walks of life can not go on,
So you can not [crossed three centimeters is the key].

[Dream just stick can go far in the end. ]
Hand Many people will, but feel the temperature rendering and thinking, but not everyone can stick afloat,
Heart has always been a desire to allow more people because of this and have a job, especially those who live in the mountains of the people,
Indeed very few employment opportunities because of the mountains, if you really can hand glasses to the international Taiwan,
It is indeed so that more people can have jobs.
Taiwan Zhushan drawn, is willing to create the miracle of Taiwan bamboo green gold.

Crossed three centimeters [home]
I Hung Chu Yan, are trying to fulfill my dream,
I hope you can find and complete their dream,
I know a lot of people like me, wandering too failed,
I hope my story will inspire people fail weight regain their confidence,
Back the hearts dream, wearing three centimeters [philosophy],
Together with you crossed three centimeters home.

Guide stronghold:
[Golden] Green Park Road Guide
Taichung City West Road 1049 1F Hiking
1F., No.1049, Jianxing Rd., West Dist., Taichung City 403, Taiwan (ROC)

[Tainan Xintiandi Simon Sunbeam three smaller outlets]
Simon West Rd., Tainan No. 658-1 B1
B1F., No.658-1, Sec. 1, Ximen Rd., West Central Dist., Tainan City 700, Taiwan (ROC)
Origin / manufacturing methods
Origin: Taiwan Taiwan handmade Zhushan


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