Liya Royal Earl caramel pudding into four $ 280 (use Downing Earl Grey) custard vegetarian

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Leah Huh

Leah Huh เยื่ยมชมสตูดิโอ

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Liya Royal Earl caramel pudding into four $ 280 (use Downing Earl Grey) custard vegetarian


Liya Earl caramel pudding into four $ 280 (use Downing Earl Grey)

* Dessert Description
Royal Earl Ishuria pudding ingredients used is very simple, as long as the French fresh cream, fresh milk and fresh eggs produced out of the pudding was good with Earl Grey tea brewing stand Downing soak for 24 hours or so to fully absorb the liquid pudding after baking aroma Earl Grey, will serve delicious 🍮 Hello. in fact, as long as the good ingredients can make something delicious.

*raw material
Earl Grey, French cream, milk, eggs, sugar (plain custard).

A box of four into
Caring for the earth, do not take the initiative to provide paper bags, tableware, candles (if necessary, please take the initiative to contact us)

* Best tasting period: 7 days

* Edible intimate small description
Use frozen black Delivery reduce cake during transport by the collision.

* Delivery process commodities harm
General Merchandise Exchange Policy:
After receipt of the goods, immediately check the goods is correct, if there are serious problems, please photographed leaving certificate, and contact us within 24 hours 1) photo 2) name, 3) address 4) Product name and number. We received will provide you with a replacement as soon as possible after the service information.

* Origin
Taichung, Taiwan

* Chef
Chef Leah idea
"Dessert hard again and then tired, as long as we ate my dessert, I feel there is a feeling of happiness, so that my work is worth it."
Taiwan baking pastry chef license
France Cordon Bleu * First West Point / Middle / Senior Certificate
United States Wilton Cake Decorating Certificate
British PME Arts and Crafts Cake Decorating Certificate
Educational background
Fu Jen Catholic University, Master of English and American Literature
France Cordon Bleu Le Cordon Bleu

* Liya brand
No good, only better, beginning in 2011 Leah personal mini dessert studio to 2013 the number of people the team Leah Cafe & Patisserie, the birth of every dessert, each creation is crystallized in France and Taiwan agitation, tradition and modernity binding. Taiwan local ingredients combined with French technology into a centuries-old tradition of West Point depicting Leia masterpiece: sweet potatoes, pineapple macarons (Wing 2014 election Taichung quality characteristics Souvenir), snow lemon cake (Taichung City won the 2014 Baida Souvenir ceremony).

* Winning Entry: Asia 2013 Finalist Wilton cake design contest, won the 2014 lemon cake snow Taichung Baida Souvenir, sweet potatoes, pineapples, 2014 Macaron won Taichung quality characteristics Souvenir, Christmas cake 2015 finalists macaron contest 2016 contest finalists Kanebo chocolate

* Media Coverage: 2014 Apple Daily 2014 Marie Claire Marie Claire interview chefs 2014 CTI program Interview 2015 Apple Daily, Apple Daily, 2016, 2016 China Times
Origin / manufacturing methods
Taichung, Taiwan


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