Be: tween Geometric Coasters | geometry | - Waves Waves

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The essence of cement brings a stable power As the amount of daily life accumulates into different gradient grays A coas



Be:tween เยื่ยมชมสตูดิโอ

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Be: tween Geometric Coasters | geometry | - Waves Waves


/ Product specifications/
. Name: | Geometric cement coasters geometry | / Waves waves /
. Ingredients: concrete / cement
. Color: gray / black / white
. Weight: 170g (±10g)
. Quantity: 1
. Product Size: 9.5cm x 9.5cm x 1cm (Fluctuation waves)
. Origin: Taiwan
. Production method: handmade

/ Maintenance methods and precautions /
. Do not dress food products, and avoid direct contact with the mouth.
. Cement composition, only water and sand, the mixing process will produce bubbles of different sizes, is the nature of cement.
. Cement is not uniform in color, some of the natural mottled, stomatal, are the natural color of the composition of the material gravel.
. After the saturated water absorption properties of the cement are saturated, it should be left standing in the air to dry. The longer the time is, the better the water-absorbing effect is. The proper contact with water can also increase the strength of the concrete.
. Do not directly wash, in case of dirty please wipe with a damp cloth;
. Each piece is handmade by hand. The process is entirely hand-polished. Each piece has slightly different textures and textures. The actual product has been received. After purchase, a replacement will be required for personal reasons. Receive freight, please ask the perfect buyer to think twice before placing orders.
. Do not deliberately crush the impact or expose it to sunlight for a long time. Avoid cracking and damage caused by thermal expansion and contraction.
. The goods are strictly checked before they are shipped. In case of serious defects and damages during the delivery, please keep the complete package and replace the same item within seven days.

/ Service /
. Warranty period: If the delivery of goods in case of major flaws, please keep the complete package, you can receive the goods within seven days to replace the replacement of the same product.
. Warranty: A serious new flaw or damaged in transit. (Man-made damage is not limited to warranty)

/ Customized production /
. If you have special needs for customized gifts, such as customized gifts, creative design gifts, wedding gifts, corporate gifts, a variety of decorative flower / utensils, etc., Welcome letter, we will meet your special needs.

/ About Be:tween studio /

. Brand Concept.

Be: tween
Between |,

Between right and wrong
Between you and me
Between today and tomorrow
Between life and utensils
We are in between every day
Find yourself
There is always a gray area between black and white
There is not too much modification
It's a bit simple, a bit lonely and a bit unpredictable
There is some change between black and white
But like most people you my daily life
Is it not a gray gradation that walks between black and white?
When nothing is done
What can be all

Be: Yes, equal to, become
tween: in between
Be: tween Looking for more possibilities between every possible one

. Design Notes.

Geometry. | Geometric cement coasters |
The design, development and production of cement products are all produced by designer Egg Y. The physical properties of cement will make the product itself look different in various ways along with the production process, such as humidity, or the use process. Its design concept comes from the details of daily life. The derived ideas, through the design of these experiences to the specific interpretation of the work.

Quiet and gentle cement
Hand-made touch and quality
Representing the weight of a life
Cement into life
Quietly telling the time and trace of life
Each drop of coffee stains during use water stains
Are a kind of past memory
Everyone can record between the cement
A personal memory
A period of life

Gray, black and white without color
No hue and purity are the keynote color of cement
The existence of gray is a persistence and dedication
The quiet nature brings a steady force
As the amount of daily life accumulates into different gradient grays
A coaster made up of simple geometric lines
Differentiate the grey of cement for non-singular presentation
Newton: "Color is the subjective experience of human vision."
Be: Tween returns the autonomy of visual perception to everyone’s hands
Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwan Taiwan
Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwan Taiwan


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