SLL Mini Balm Mixing Group/Fragrance: Jasmine/Sage+Sea Salt/on journey/New York

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Simple Perfume solid perfume / mini x mixed mini mix group / on journey / New York (jasmine / sage + sea salt) ▼There is also jasmine scented body lotion in the museum▼ Welcome to search~


Simple Life Laboratory

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SLL Mini Balm Mixing Group/Fragrance: Jasmine/Sage+Sea Salt/on journey/New York


Fragrance: Jasmine/Sage+Sea Salt Illustration design: New York ▼There is also jasmine scented body lotion in the hall▼ Today, we are crazy fast food and obsessed with fast fashion. Information is only valuable first-hand. Fortunately, we no longer need to feel guilty for fickleness. 【On journey-series introduction】 Travel is an important way to explore life. In the early summer of 2018, "SLL Simple Life Lab" collaborated with travel-loving illustrator He Siying, Launched the mini blended fragrance [on journey] series, selected twelve international cities, Each gives 24 wonderful and diverse fragrances, Through the fusion of smell and vision, to create a world of rich imagination, Continue to accompany all women to explore themselves and live out their unique beauty! You have your taste! [Simple Life Laboratory-"Simple Perfume"] Start a simple life with "a simple fragrance" Using natural beeswax and vegetable wax base, no preservatives, alcohol Simple to use, simple raw materials, and simpler life [People, why do you want to wipe incense? 】 The sense of smell always exists, but is often ignored; The sense of smell came forward, but quietly. Therefore, we advocate "scent is a low-key expression", Through fragrance, accompany you to explore and live out yourself! It turns out that life can be very simple! [Why choose solid perfume? 】 The liquidity of perfume makes the use of preservatives inevitable. In addition, the fragrance of perfume is volatilized through alcohol, which is easy to be too strong. Remains in the space that has been left. Solid perfume (balm), presented in a solid dosage form without the use of preservatives. And its scent is volatilized through body temperature, letting the faint fragrance slowly release, Let fragrance be a beauty to accompany you without disturbing others [Features of SLL Mini Mix] 1. It is easy to carry and tonic. 2. No alcohol content, not to worry about allergies. 3. The body temperature is volatile, and the fragrance is elegant and does not disturb. 4. The ingredients contain natural beeswax, so that you can moisturize at the same time as the fragrance. 5. The mini mixed fragrance contains a single fragrance and a compound fragrance, allowing girls to use it alone, a good smell, and a mix of charms and fun.


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