Black Fungus Health Lotion│Vegan Drink (Original, Brown Sugar, Ginger Juice) x108 Mini Bottle

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It is made by hand-consuming time-consuming simmering and warming. The taste is smooth and soft, and the fragrance is smooth and easy to enter the throat.


300ml x 108
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Black Fungus Health Lotion│Vegan Drink (Original, Brown Sugar, Ginger Juice) x108 Mini Bottle


│Hand-cooked│ "Black Fungus Health Lotion" is a time-consuming hand-made of ingredients such as black fungus, wolfberry, and red dates, soaked in cold water and boiled over a warm fire, and uses patience and care to protect each pot of black fungus health lotion. , Only to fully extract the plant collagen in black fungus, and to soften the taste of black fungus, so that every friend who drinks can taste the wonderful taste of health and health! There are currently six basic flavors of beverages: "Original slightly sweet", "Original sugar-free", "Ginger juice slightly sweet", "Ginger juice sugar-free", "Brown sugar original" and "Brown sugar ginger juice". There are exquisite gift boxes available for gift purchase. │The way of taste │ It can be drunk directly in a cold bottle, or it can be drunk after warming. It can even be used as an auxiliary ingredient in various dishes, such as replacing cornstarch as a thickening soup base, or replacing sugar water as a sweet noodle soup, whether it is cold or hot Drinking, eating on ice, or creating a taste of your own, all add points for your health and your family’s health. In addition, it can also be directly combined with tomatoes, pineapples, apples, and bananas and other fruits, and put them into a juice machine to make a natural comprehensive juice to enjoy. Its unique taste, refreshing taste, and smooth delicacy are definitely not to be missed! For more information on how to eat black fungus health lotion, please visit the "Mama Ke's Plant Bird's Nest" love cooking platform. │Product Specifications│ Commodity name: Black Fungus Health Lotion Bottled capacity: 300ml (ML)/bottle Main ingredients: water, black fungus, red dates, wolfberry Flavor materials: ginger, rock sugar, brown sugar Production date: handmade on the day of shipment Storage period: seven days under refrigeration (below 7℃), and one month after freezing Distribution area: low-temperature home delivery throughout Taiwan (depending on the delivery area of the home delivery company, outlying islands will charge the island’s freight difference) │Drink flavors│ Original slightly sweet/Ingredients: water, black fungus, red dates, wolfberry, rock sugar Original sugar-free/ingredients: water, black fungus, red dates, wolfberry Original brown sugar/Ingredients: water, black fungus, red dates, wolfberry, brown sugar Ginger juice slightly sweet/Ingredients: water, black fungus, red dates, wolfberry, ginger, rock sugar Ginger juice without sugar/Ingredients: water, black fungus, red dates, wolfberry, ginger Brown sugar ginger juice/Ingredients: water, black fungus, red dates, wolfberry, ginger, brown sugar │Product Delivery│ 1. Most of the products of "Mama Ke's Plant Bird's Nest" need to be kept fresh at low temperature and delivered at low temperature. 2. The black fungus food pictures in the store will have color difference due to different screen resolutions. Please evaluate and purchase carefully. 3. In order to ensure the freshness of the products, orders will be shipped after checkout. If you want to specify a date, please inform in the remarks column. 4. Delivery will be given priority on the specified date, but the actual delivery time will depend on the delivery status of the home delivery driver on the day. 5. There is no appreciation period for fresh foods, and the products will not be returned after appreciation unless the product itself does not match the ordered item. 6. With a single order of $1,800, you can enjoy a free shipping discount for a single delivery address. Anyone under the island of Taiwan will be charged $150 for shipping. 7. Penghu, Kinmen, Matsu and other places are mainly based on the delivery areas for low-temperature home delivery companies. If the order amount is less than $1,800, an additional $260 shipping difference is required; if the order amount is over $1,800, another $200 shipping fee will be charged. 8. The free delivery service in the old Taichung City is not applicable to orders from "Pinkoi". If you have any purchase requirements, please call to inquire first. If you place an order directly at Pinkoi, you will not be divided into counties or cities. If less than $1800, all will be accepted Charge the freight at discretion. Origin / manufacturing method Taiwan. Taichung


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