Japan Maruyama Takayama Temple bird and beast drama embroidery handkerchief

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【product features】 National Treasure Scroll from Takayama Temple, Kyoto, Japan Full of witty and anthropomorphic animal patterns Rabbits, frogs, and monkeys accompany you to find the joy of life Light and soft, just like the touch of feathers Headquarters agent, quality is absolutely at ease



1 - 3 วัน
1 - 3 วัน
Japan Maruyama Takayama Temple bird and beast drama embroidery handkerchief


https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50114773527_0b8fbd37ec_o.jpg 【Product desciption】 Lightweight and soft design, using high-quality fabrics, no matter adults or children can use it with peace of mind Detailed embroidery, comfortable and smooth touch, suitable for handkerchiefs, hand towels and small squares An all-round handkerchief with both water absorption, quick-drying, and appearance. It can be used for interior decoration, knee pads, and is given to the most important people. 【Commodity Story】 The bird and beast character drama is a picture scroll passed down from generation to generation in the Takayama Temple in Kyoto, Japan, with a total of four volumes. 800 years ago, it is known as the oldest manga in Japan. The content reflects the society of the time, and depicting animals and characters in the form of satire is a masterpiece of Japanese drama. In particular, the first volume anthropomorphizes rabbits, frogs, and monkeys, It depicts scenes where animals perform sumo wrestling, archery, water play, and noise. People can't help but raise their lips, bringing a touch of fun to the boring life. 【Product specifications】 *The situation map is for reference only* Brand: Japan Maruzhen Material: 98% cotton, 1% polyester fiber, 1% rayon Size: about W32xL32xH0.5/cm Weight: about 37g Origin: Japan 【Product Warranty】 No warranty, new products that are not artificially damaged are not subject to this limitation 【Instructions for Return and Exchange】 1. According to the Consumer Protection Law, consumers enjoy the rights and interests of the product appreciation period (the appreciation period is not a trial period). Towels are personal hygiene products. Unpacking is regarded as purchase. Please be sure to think twice before unpacking the product, so as not to affect your own rights and interests 2. The return is limited to a brand new unopened package. 3. In case of new product defects, please notify customer service to do the replacement for you 4. Please keep the outer packaging and content accessories intact for replacement of new products. If the packaging carton is dirty or severely torn, it cannot be restored, or the accessories are lost, which will affect your return rights. 【Precautions】 1. The difference between the product size and the actual measurement is about 0.5-1MM, please refer to the actual received product 2. Due to differences in computer screen settings and personal perceptions, the product pictures of this store are for reference only, subject to receipt of actual products 【Washing notes】 1. All Japan Maru towels are manufactured with high-quality quality control, because towels are easily contaminated, and small cotton wool is easily attached during the process. Please wash with clean water before use. Do not wash with other clothes to avoid cotton wool contamination. To other clothing. 2. Please use a laundry bag for cleaning. It is recommended to use a special washing program for soft/towel fabrics in the washing machine, or to wash in a low-speed mode to avoid damaging the fiber structure of the towel, avoiding soaking for too long, or discoloring or dyeing each other. 3. Do not use bleach, detergent containing fluorescent ingredients, etc., so as not to break the towel color, fiber, etc., the water temperature does not exceed 40 degrees. 4. Do not use high temperature drying towels, or iron the towels to avoid damage to the fiber and affect the water absorption. 5. Please dry the towels naturally and flick a few times before drying to make the towel coil stand and keep the towel fluffy. 6. The return is limited to a brand new unopened package.


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