Arte Verde Compound Healing Condensing Balm / Yong Baoan Kang 30ml

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Add cold-pressed avocado oil rich in vitamin E to bring deeper moisture and care to sensitive and dry skin, adding health and radiance. Arte Verde healing balm, a thin layer to give you full protection.


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Arte Verde Compound Healing Condensing Balm / Yong Baoan Kang 30ml


Arte Verde healing balm, a thin layer to give you full protection It is based on cold-pressed organic vegetable oil, which does not contain beeswax, which is more conducive to absorption, leaving the skin without any burden. Selected organic essential oils with deep healing energy bring the purest and natural conditioning and protection to the skin. -The texture is not greasy, it is gentle and easy to push away -Mild smell and not pungent -Pure natural plant extracts, protect sensitive skin -All-weather ultra-close body protection -No beeswax, no animal experiments, Vegan can use it with confidence [Product Specifications] 30ml [Commodity origin] Austria [Aromatic Ingredients] 1.5% Mastigina Thyme, Green Fragrant Wood, Benzoin, Sweet Almond, Jojoba Oil, Semen... [Applicable direction] The protective cover during the cold epidemic period relieves the symptoms of infection, helps to breathe smoothly, and gives you a refreshing day. In extraordinary times, the protective ingredients are added and filled to create a natural and reliable invisible protective cover for the family. In addition to bringing a healthy body, it also strengthens every susceptible soul. ☂Daily protection: Put on a mask around the nose and mouth before going out to double the protection. ☂Symptom relief: When you have a cold, take it with a cotton swab and apply it on the nasal mucosa to help you breathe smoothly. ☂Skin care: Apply to your hands in the morning and evening to moisturize the skin that is roughened by alcohol. ▶ Instructions for use◀ -Each time you use it, you only need to apply a little balm to the skin and gently massage it out. -Please use a small scoop to dig out the condensing ointment to avoid contamination. -Please lock the bottle cap immediately after use and store it in a cool, stable room temperature space. -The skin that is still slightly damp just after bathing has the best effect on absorbing essential oils. -The balm and pure lotion will have a lotion-like texture after being blended, which can play the best role of skin-friendly, moisturizing and skin care. Therefore it is recommended to use them together. -The room temperature over 30 degrees will make the product appear ointment, which is a natural phenomenon. ▶Freight discount and arrival rules◀ -To love the earth together, the products are all packaged and sent out with environmentally friendly recycled materials♡ -Shipped by Black Cat Delivery, and can only be sent to one location. -If there are goods in stock, they will be shipped within three days. -If you purchase "pre-order products", you need to wait for the entire product to arrive before shipment. If you don't want to wait, please order separately. For the one you love the most, it must be the best Arte Verde ✔ Imported from Austria with organic certification, no added flavor preservatives, no fractionation and structural reconstruction. ✔ Natural farming methods are organically contracted to grow plants, using seasonal harvest materials to balance natural rhythms. ✔ Hand-filled at the foot of the Alps, precious amethyst bottles are shipped to Taiwan by air. ✔ Originated from European natural therapy, the best partner for aroma care and auxiliary medical care. ✔ From raw materials, manufacturing, bottling, and constant temperature treatment in one go to ensure pure quality. ✔ The whole product does not contain preservatives and artificial flavors, so you can feel relieved for weak skin. Organically cultivated by natural farming method to nourish and protect the earth The raw materials of Arte Verde's products are all from the wild, or plants grown using natural farming methods and complying with organic certification standards to ensure the purity and quality of each product. All products do not add chemically synthesized preservatives or other unnatural additives, and do not carry out re-fractionation and structural reconstruction. The natural farming method emphasizes the balance and rhythm between people and the environment, animals and plants, so that plants can be planted, grown and harvested in the most suitable season and environment; such plants are particularly healthy and vigorous, so they can extract delicate, harmonious, and energy-rich essential oils. , And the earth can be perfectly nourished and cared for while nurturing plants. Pure mind, filled by hand, using "amethyst bottle" to maintain beautiful plant energy Arte Verde's essential oil is not a general standardized product, nor is it bottled in an ice-cold machine, but is filled in amethyst bottle by hand in a gentle way with a clear mind. The deep purple amethyst bottle has an excellent shading effect, which can protect the essential oil from deterioration by external light. The composition of the amethyst bottle is special, allowing only far infrared rays, sterilizing ultraviolet A and purple light to enter the bottle, so in addition to the material level of shading protection, it is equivalent to prolonged preservation, and it can maintain the precious plants in the essential oils Energy, so that it will not be affected by factors such as light and transportation. Each bottle of Arte Verde product is packaged in amethyst bottle, which can provide you with the most original and beautiful plant vitality. ▶Storage method and precautions◀ -Please lock the cap immediately after use. -Please store the product in a cool, stable room at room temperature, but do not place it in the bathroom space. -Take care to prevent foreign objects from penetrating into the bottle. -Essential oils are natural products and may be caused by environmental and human factors. The items supplied will vary slightly each year. -If you do not have professional knowledge of aromatherapy, or use essential oils in infants, pregnant women, breastfeeding, or epilepsy patients, please consult a physician first. Aromatherapy can assist medical treatment but cannot replace medical treatment. If you have any symptoms, please seek medical attention immediately.


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