20cm (caliber 1.5cm) with a sharp mouth that can pierce the beverage sealing film and a special straw for Boba (comes with a cleaning brush)

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The sharp-mouthed thick glass straw for Boba milk tea, only a few limited colors, not much material


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20cm (caliber 1.5cm) with a sharp mouth that can pierce the beverage sealing film and a special straw for Boba (comes with a cleaning brush)


**If you find that other websites use non-MSA brands but the same photos are pirated images, please be careful to identify them.** **Da Sheng Gong: It takes 7 working days excluding 6 days to order the straws. The waiting time is not immediate delivery!** ►►Friends from China, Hong Kong and Macau! Welcome to use [SF Express] to save shipping ◄◄ -------------------------------- !!! Special attention!!! There are not many materials, only a few limited colors and 5 colors 03 soot 05 pink 07 yellow 08 Grass Green 11 blue -------------------------------- https://www.pinkoi.com/store/msa-glass?tag=MSA%E7%8E%BB%E7%92%83%E5%90%B8%E7%AE%A1&i18n_tag=MSA%E7%8E%BB%E7%92%83%E5%90%B8%E7%AE%A1 (▷All series of glass straws) https://www.pinkoi.com/product/iSzAnWbS (▷Glass straw with engraved lettering) https://img-shoplineapp-com.s3.amazonaws.com/media/image_clips/56182cc869702d36c4ba2700/xlarge.jpg?1444424903 Brand: MSA GLASSENGRAVING Material: high borosilicate heat-resistant glass Size: total length 20cm / outside diameter Ø about 1.5cm Style: sharp mouth can pierce the beverage sealing film Gift: 1 special cleaning brush for glass straws **Color: There are only a few colors for the thick straws. The colors outside the options indicate that it cannot be customized without this color, please pay special attention** colour: The color is made of non-toxic, harmless and environmentally friendly high-borosilicate heat-resistant materials. The color of the straw itself will vary slightly due to the amount of light incident. If you have higher requirements for color accuracy, it is recommended to read the actual product and customize it to avoid minor misunderstandings on the color difference. Different settings have a slight color difference, and the color is subject to the actual product. Heat resistance: In use, direct heating is resistant to 350 degrees, and indirect heating is resistant to 550 degrees. If it is cold tolerant, it is possible to put it in a domestic refrigerator freezer for testing, but it should be noted that the instantaneous sharp temperature difference should be avoided, and it should not be thrown into hot water immediately after freezing. , Safety comes first. note: The work does not contain any cups or drinks for reference only for the photographing situational images, please pay special attention before ordering. https://shoplineimg.com/5600b9d7039055a866000051/5bf3dd1571da9f00187beb7d/1600x.jpg ✦Respond to the reasons why other sellers sell at low prices and why MSA's works are more expensive? The works sold by MSA are all inspected by the brand and the designer. Similar items MSA cannot interfere with the pricing of other stores, nor can it prevent other manufacturers from producing. It can only give friends who love the quality and service that MSA can provide. We, many branded wine glasses or glass art designers insist on introducing genuine products for quality assurance. MSA is working hard to maintain credibility and insist on good works. If it is simply to fight for sales at lower prices, regardless of quality, this is not what MSA wants. All the brands used in the works on the website are public, and the original price of the cup is also public. There is no evasiveness about how much the glass itself is. MSA is selling glass carving crafts and providing guarantees for the glass material itself. We believe that The quality and service we provide is a very important support for MSA, but it is really unavoidable that other stores provide similar products. MSA will not lower the price. This is what we insist. Low prices cannot make a brand progress so that customers can really buy good works and enjoy good service. Designers have absolute confidence in all works delivered to customers! ✦Reply about the thickness of the glass straw, why not make it thinner? Glass must be both durable and safe. It cannot be made into a thin-walled type (it can become a weapon). In addition to increasing the risk of breaking, it cannot be shaped during the production process. The thickness is about 0.8mm~1.5mm (depending on the caliber). This part is made Consider the limitations of the above! ✦Reply about the fragile glass straw? There is no glass that will not break. It is the characteristic of glass that it is fragile, so if it is subjected to external force factors such as heavy pressure/dropping/beating/impact/rapid instantaneous temperature difference, the glass will break. Please pay attention to the strengthened explanation to explain the material And safety of use. https://img-shoplineapp-com.s3.amazonaws.com/media/image_clips/5781e76a617069110a970000/source.jpg?1468131178 Please refer to the length ratio of the general large cup hand cup and glass straw Each handcrank cup has a different capacity and shape, and the ratio diagram is for reference only https://img-shoplineapp-com.s3.amazonaws.com/media/image_clips/57bdd6186170691164392200/source.jpg?1472058904 ✦Think environmental protection is expensive?! Reply to the designer's experience about promoting glass straws? You are a member of the earth who loves the earth, so you have supported environmental protection with the purchase action. I believe that the comments of the fans are very fond of glass straws and there are many repurchases. The reason is that "love the earth"~ The designer saw that there are many plastic straws in the news market. Toxic plasticizers are very unhealthy. In daily life, students and office workers also have a cup of hand-crank or coffee. Designers think about what they can do with their profession, so they are committed to promoting reusable "glass straws". Why do people Replace disposable chopsticks with environmentally friendly chopsticks? Replace plastic cups with accompanying cups? Recycling shopping bags replace plastic bags? Glass straws replace plastic straws? But no one will make a price comparison between the two, because the ones that are not environmentally friendly are always cheaper, but the price is greater! ! The issue of environmental protection and the concept of MSA cannot be shared by everyone, and of course it is impossible to judge how people with different ideas define value. MSA will continue to maintain high quality and service to promote environmental protection, and will not waver! After all, the two things of health and love for the earth cannot be bought by money~ ✦How to use the storage bag Because the glass straw is stored, it will prevent the straw from sliding out of the bag and breaking, and the binding will be tight. If you find it difficult to take, it is recommended to use another folding method. This is also the method designed by the designer later. It's easy, so you can choose between two ways. Thank you for supporting MSA to let the designer continue to create. Thank you~ https://img-shoplineapp-com.s3.amazonaws.com/media/image_clips/57d1523b617069296d831200/source.jpg?1473335867 ✦About packaging Environmental protection glass straws mainly promote environmental protection, so there are no gorgeous outer packaging boxes and extra plastic waste. They only use simple consumables that can protect the works during transportation. I hope everyone will support environmental protection. I hope that the packaging part will be strengthened to reduce misunderstandings. Note 1: Customized multiple straws will use the same carton package to reduce resource waste and environmental protection. Note 2: There is a gift requirement, it can be refilled with 1 carton and 1 packaging, and will be individually packaged separately. Note 3: The packaging method that requires no plastic needs even the outer bag can be noted in the order. (It is necessary to agree that the carton may be dirty and dampened during transportation) https://img-shoplineapp-com.s3.amazonaws.com/media/image_clips/563dfe1169702d1642365700/source.jpg?1446903313 https://img-shoplineapp-com.s3.amazonaws.com/media/image_clips/563dfe1169702d11ada65200/source.jpg?1446903313 https://img-shoplineapp-com.s3.amazonaws.com/media/image_clips/57bdd60c617069345d0d4f00/source.jpg?1472058891 https://img-shoplineapp-com.s3.amazonaws.com/media/image_clips/57d14da861706951bf7f1100/source.jpg?1473334696 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GMbYesgyXc "MSA glass straws are all taken by the designer himself, please respect the intellectual property rights, and keep the screenshots for pirating and infringing pictures" "MSA glass straws are all taken by the designer himself, please respect the intellectual property rights, and keep the screenshots for pirating and infringing pictures" "MSA glass straws are all taken by the designer himself, please respect the intellectual property rights, and keep the screenshots for pirating and infringing pictures"


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