Simple and Beautiful 4mm Swarovski Pearl 14 Pack K Gold Non-Fade Shiny Calendered Light Gold Necklace

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A single carefully selected 4mm Swarovski pearl, with a simple 14-pack Kg kgf chain body, on the neck, set off delicate delicate skin, like naked skin, but flashing low-key and attracting attention Light. The chain body made of exquisite cut face and calendering process, at different angles, flashes a touch of fine golden light like the waves sparkling like



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Simple and Beautiful 4mm Swarovski Pearl 14 Pack K Gold Non-Fade Shiny Calendered Light Gold Necklace


Simple and beautiful 4mm Swarovski pearl pendant 14 bags of K gold Kgf refraction shiny calender necklace There is also a more mini (3mm Swarovski Pearl Necklace) _____________________________________________________ A single carefully selected 4mm Swarovski pearl, With a simple 14-pack Kg kgf chain body, on the neck, it sets off delicate delicate skin, Existing like naked skin, but with a low-key and eye-catching light. The chain body made by exquisite cut face and calendering process, at different angles, A flash of golden light shimmering like the waves, like a warm sun. _ 14 packs of K gold are properly maintained, and will not fade, It is an accessory that can accompany you for life. You can wear a bath. |We provide you with half-year maintenance-free fee, direct replacement and remanufacturing service, and permanent maintenance service. _____________________________________________________ | Size| Approx. 40 cm (The location of the strap is shown in the figure. It is recommended that the length of the necklace on hand can be used as a reference. (Free use plus or minus 5 cm) | Material| 14 packs of gold (printed on the buckle). 1/20 14K Gold Filling: Referred to as 14K GF, which represents 5% of the total weight of gold, using 14K gold high temperature forging and pressing under high temperature and high pressure conditions Forging 14K gold on the outside of the metal tire, the surface hardness is strong, the wear resistance is high, it is not easy to lose the texture of K gold, After wearing for a long time, the oxidation will become dark like sterling silver. You can use a silver cloth or toothpaste to clean it, and it will restore the original brightness. | Attention| Please apply perfume and lotion for five minutes, and then wear 14 packs of K gold to avoid direct contact with K gold, which will make it black for a long time. You don't have to take it off after bathing. Please dry it with the accessories after bathing. Usually, it can be cleaned with clean water or K gold. If you are worried about unknowingly breaking off, it is recommended to take it off when bathing or swimming. | Attention| 14 packs of K gold, like K gold, are of a softer texture, and because the chain is extremely thin, please treat it as gently as possible :) There is no problem with normal wearing or not pulling~ Please try to avoid pulling it vigorously when wearing it, especially when putting on or taking off your clothes. | Usage and maintenance methods| The advantages of 14 packs of K gold are not easy to fade, fade, or be allergic. When exposed to air for a long time, it will slightly oxidize and turn black and become dull. At this time, you can wipe it with a silver cloth or lightly brush with a little toothpaste to restore the original It's beautiful, please dry it after brushing or dry it with a cold hair dryer, put it in a storage bag after wearing it, you can extend it to the next cleaning time. _____________________________________________________ | Free packaging and time requirements for gift giving| **If there is a gift-giving requirement, you need to cooperate in time, or you need to receive it within a week, please send a message to discuss with the designer to confirm.** **If you are not in a hurry, VIPs who have received ok in about a week can leave a note directly:** 1. "The English name or nickname of the giver" 2. "The English name or nickname of the recipient" 3. "Birthday gifts, thank you... etc." 4. Do you need cards? -A blank card, you can write your own. -If you want a computer typing service and leave "what you want to say to him", we will make a small card for you for free. 5. If the package is sent directly to the other party's address, please be sure to leave it in the remarks, we will take out all the price tags. **Please confirm directly in the remarks, if you fill it in, you can save the time for confirmation of the back and forth messages.** _____________________________________________________ | Because it is made by hand, but also for quality control, it takes several days to wait for the production (three to six working days), Please consider the urgent items. Please contact the designer if you have time. The mark will not be understood in the remarks. Thank you for your patience. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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