Lace woven mule flower (osmanthus) bracelet handmade jewelry jewelry wedding jewelry

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chiching design
chiching design
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Lace woven mule flower (osmanthus) bracelet handmade jewelry jewelry wedding jewelry


Handmade Lace / Wedding Jewelry Sunflowers earrings The studio designer began to make handmade lace woven jewelry in 2012, and spent time embroidering, beading, and weaving techniques on the jewelry. This deep skill is still placed on the design of the jewelry. There can be precious jewels that are shiny and bright, light and hairy, and relatively light in price. Need to concentrate on the embroidery weaving, or else it is easy to stab your own fingers, holding a thin wire like a hair thread and a few needle-sized lace hooks, often need hot hands, Stick ok 蹦 and paste cloth ^^" Because it is easy to cramp cramps and sports injuries recurrence (previously caused by basketball) Such as the needle size of the needle and the thin hairline, which increases the difficulty of production. Handmade, one-line, one-line, weaving, embroidered, lively jewelry The flower language of hibiscus (Osmanthus fragrans) is "sublime", "beautiful", "auspicious", "friendly", "loyalty" and "fair unyielding", "fairy friend" and "cyclamen"; Outstanding characters and "professionals"; Europe and the United States, Guizhi is "Glory" and "Honor". Osmanthus fragrans is expressed in shades of different shades of silver, with glass rhinestones embroidered on the edges of the branches, like crystal clear water droplets. The wristband is simple and firm to wear, and is integrally formed with a clasp. On the wear, you can use it in formal occasions or casual style. Whether it is long hair and short hair is very suitable! Handcrafting time takes about 10 days to work. Please wait patiently for the order! Thank you! ♥ size : hand circumference inner diameter 6cm maximum length and width ♥ material : imported high-grade embroidery thread with 1% sterling silver, rhinestone ♥ package : beautiful packaging design The packaging and fonts are hand-made and written by the studio. Can also be the design of home decorations ~ When the upper cover is used as a stand, it can stand firmly, and the double-sided foam can be attached to the bottom to be more stable. Wall decorations~ Each piece is like a beautiful animal and plant collected by the designer, and the name of the beautiful things is noted. Carefully collect these hard-won treasures. Let the jewelry be like a collection of plant specimens and animal specimens. It is easy to get close to nature and learn and live in nature. I hope that you can taste this work and do it one by one. 保养 Maintenance: Basically, the rhinestone is very strong and not easy to fall or peel off, but do not press and fold. Take a bath and sleep, don't use chemicals. Do not touch the water, please touch the water as soon as possible. ♥ murmur : All the photos are printed. In order to clearly show the miniature size and appearance lines, the natural stone is different in size and is arranged and selected by the designer. The hand-painted color lines and traces of hand products are Some are different from the merchandise, and the two flowers on the left and right hand weaving will not be the same! Create unique characteristics, thank you!


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Hand-knitted embroidery jewellery The flower language of hibiscus (Osmanthus fragrans) is "sublime", "beautiful", "auspicious", "friendly", "loyalty" and "fair unyielding", "fairy friend"


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