Bean chair - bird pattern

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The simple Japanese wind bird pattern is ideal for a simple space. Using Japanese cotton fabrics, random swatches are ta



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Bean chair - bird pattern


**The simple Japanese wind bird pattern is ideal for a simple space.** Using cotton cloth, random swatches cut out, so that each bean chair has a different appearance. Match the rounded and solid wood texture of the bean chair to each other. **/ Features /** ◆ rounded. No angle Beans are like all children and they have different appearances and are rounded and horny. Don't worry about being hurt by the corners. ◆ Height. Intention The height of the chair is designed for the little person who has just learned to sit, so that the feet can touch the floor, like an exclusive chair. ◆ manual.榫 The body of the chair adopts manual traditional wedge splicing instead of nails, which is safe and environmentally friendly. ◆ Widen. share it The chair can be used for two small people at the same time, of course, can also be used as a parent-child chair (bear hug!) or a chair. Let the children know how to share and increase interaction, just like another toy of their own. ◆ Natural. Solid wood Made of natural all-solid wood, in addition to the natural texture and touch of solid wood, The texture of each bean chair is unique, and the weight of the bean chair is more stable. ◆ manual. Making The bean chair is hand-made by a number of professional chefs. It is even a simple branding and is full of many eyebrow horns. The experience and handwork of the masters allow the beancurdles to have different hand-feeling temperatures. ◆ pad. Not pad Detachable upholstery, hot summer weather, suitable for use with wooden chair, not only cool, but also stuffy, In the cold winter, you can add mats to help the ass heat up. ◆+ Whypichi It was a bad style with strong style of cloth flowers, and together they designed to make the monotonous bean chair have its own personality. **/ Material /** Bean chair/solid pine Seat cushion / 100% Japanese cotton, bubble cotton, oak wood sandwich plate, metal screw * 2 **/ Dimensions/** L40cm W22.5cm H 22.5cm (with cushion) (Each item is hand-made and may have a slight error) **/ Suitable age/** Over 1 year old, will sit in the villain **/ How to clean up and maintain /** 1. Because wood is a natural material that can breathe, it is easy to heat up and down, and it must avoid heat and sunshine. Please put it in a cool place to avoid deformation. 2. The bean chair is made of solid wood, please wipe it with a damp cloth and wipe it with a dry cloth. Keep the chair dry for longer life. 3. Do not use high-temperature or strong acid-base liquids to clean the surface of the bean chair. 4. Use as many beans as possible, but also the way to maintain the bean chair! 5. The seat pad is dirty, please wipe it with a neutral detergent, then wipe it with clean water and wipe it dry with a dry cloth. Do not wash the cushion directly. **/ Cushion removal installation /** 1. Please turn the bean chair upside down on a clean surface. 2. Use a hex screwdriver to remove the screw and keep it in a safe place. 3. Remove the seat cushion and use it. 4. The seat cushion is installed in the opposite way to the disassembly, but when locking the screw, please lock the two sides together. Lock to the chair pad and bean chair close together, do not lock too close, otherwise it is easy to hurt the surface of the wood. / Precautions/ 1.Because there is no backrest, please pay attention to children's use. 2. Dismantling the chair pad Please have an adult escort on site and avoid putting hardware tools into children's mouth. 3. Please try to put it in a cool place to avoid high temperatures and sunlight. 4. The seat cushion cannot be cleaned. Wipe it with a damp cloth with a mild detergent. Wipe with a dry cloth or air dry. 5. The color is slightly deviated from the actual product color 6.Because of the large chair surface, it is easy to see see-saw phenomenon while sitting on the edge. Please pay attention to children's use. 7. Do not allow children to stand on the bean chair. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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