Double-sided fisherman hat | baby toddler | sweet lemon

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Whether it's the scorching sun in summer or the biting cold wind in winter, children need a hat to shade in summer and resist the cold in winter.



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Double-sided fisherman hat | baby toddler | sweet lemon


📣All the goods in the museum are handmade, most of which are not in stock. You must wait 5~10 working days after placing an order and paying. 📣Please read the announcement first for details. 🔶 Product description🔶 Material: thin cotton cloth, both sides of this section are thin fabric, suitable for children who are more afraid of heat. 🔶 Size description🔶 S (with elastic band): suitable for babies with a head circumference of 40~45 cm, about three months to eight months old, the small head girl can be worn until one year old. If you buy it for newborns, it is recommended to add an elastic band. It's not too big. S (without elastic band): The head circumference is 45~47 cm, suitable for babies from six months to early one year old. The small head girl can be worn until one and a half years old. M (with elastic band): 47~51 cm head circumference, suitable for children from one to five to six years old. L (with elastic band): head circumference 52~54 cm. This hat has a larger brim than M, and is more suitable for children in elementary school. 📌The size of each baby's head circumference is different, please choose the size according to the baby's actual head circumference. 📣If you want to change to other colors, you can also choose from here👇 🔶 Try on reference🔶 ◐Girl 7.5 years old, going to the second grade of elementary school, head circumference 52 cm: ➡L size is OK, M size is too small. ◐Girl 5 years old, big class, 51 cm head circumference: ➡M size is OK, L size can also be worn, but the brim is too large, it will look like a small head wearing a big hat. Relatively M is just right. ◐Boy is 10 months old and has a head circumference of 46 cm: ➡S OK without elastic band. ◐The boy is 1 year old and his head circumference is 48 cm: ➡S has no elastic band and is too small. Medium size is OK. 🔶 Matters needing attention🔶 ▲Due to hand-made, some errors in size are inevitable, plus or minus 1 cm is a reasonable error value, perfectionists or unacceptable, please do not place an order~ ▲Each work is presented by hand. If it is not in stock, the pattern configuration and distribution of the fabric cannot be exactly the same as the stock, but they will be presented with obvious themes. Those who can accept it, please place an order. ▲If handmade products are in stock, they will be shipped in stock. If they are not in stock, it will take about 5 to 10 working days to order orders. ▲Washing recommendations: hand wash, dry in the shade, do not use a washing machine to dry, the front can be used for medium and low temperature ironing. It is not recommended to iron the beanie cloth on the back. Avoid squashing the beanie after ironing. It is forbidden to use irons for waterproof products, which will deform and break! ▲There is a slight deviation between the computer screen and the actual product color. The actual product color shall prevail.


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