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【Golden Bamboo X Selected Wood】 In order to fully present the beauty and characteristics of golden silk bamboo Break through the frame and extend the pen cover as a shell The pen body is hidden in the golden silk bamboo in the storage method of the incense tube Use wood for head and tail with pen body A sense of surprise that echoes inside and out



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Special customized order【Everything is in order】


Material Introduction/ Mr. Cypress-the most famous heavy hard wood| Guaiac| The healing life wood Guaiac has excellent hardness and strength, slow growth, high oil content, luster on the surface after wood processing, it can also relax people, soothe nervous tension, and has high commercial value. It has a good medicinal effect and can help the body drive away bad substances. Mr. Cypress-the most beautiful wood in the world | desert iron wood tumor | rich and intricate colors The rarest wood tumor in the world takes hundreds of years to become a big success. The color and pattern are unpredictable and colorful due to the wood parts, growth environment, and oxidation components. There are abundant species, and the location of the wood, the growth environment, and the age of oxidation are all related. The texture/heartwood color is dense and varied, from golden yellow to dark black, typically with dark patterns on a light background, which is colorful. Mr. Cypress Kuaimu Cultural and Creative-Fragrant Thyme|White rosewood|Fragrant and elegant Noble and powerful, it has been cherished since ancient times. The smell is pleasant and fragrant. The color is slightly brown, and the heartwood section is mainly lemon red, reddish brown to deep reddish brown. The rosewood is of high quality, fine structure, and strong, which can sink in water. The texture/wood grain is fine and the color is exquisite. Mr. Cypress Kuaimu Wenchuang-the first choice of collectors | rosewood | stunning wood once in a thousand years Rosewood tumor is one of the four famous woods in ancient times. It is known as the most beautiful wood grain. The pear wood contains special antiseptic oils, so it is difficult to produce disease. Therefore, the tumor of rosewood is extremely valuable and is definitely your choice for collection. Texture/The color is bright, the texture is clear and beautiful, the wood color is red and purple and the texture is fine. There are many wood furrows in the wood grain. Because the whole is flat and does not crack, it shows a floating ghost face. Mr. Cypress fast wood cultural and creative-fine material and good quality | teak knob | the king of wood Teak, also known as gall wood, is abundant in Southeast Asia and the Pacific. Known as the "king of woods". Slow growth, fine material, corrosion and insect resistance, good hardness, not easy to deform, teak inner layer is rich in grease, can prevent thermal expansion and contraction. Texture/Material The outer color is yellowish white, the heartwood is golden brown with dark stripes.


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