German Pustefix Nonpoisonous Bubble Hot Bubble Pack

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◎ The world famous 60 years old classic Pustefix ◎ colorful bubbles that adults and children cannot resist ◎ Bubbles are



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German Pustefix Nonpoisonous Bubble Hot Bubble Pack


**【 ※Because of international shipping standards: This product contains liquids and therefore cannot be sent to overseas locations. 】** Pustefix is a company specializing in the sale of bubble toys for up to 60 years in Germany. The Pustefix bubble water made in Germany completely complies with the highest standards of the EU safety standards. It emphasizes that children should be encouraged and relaxed to blow bubbles, except for safety. Non-toxic adherence, and in line with current environmental regulations and standards, bubble water can be decomposed without causing pollution. Pustefix's exclusive special bubble water is not only easy to blow and shape, but also has the world's most beautiful colorful colors. The body of the bubble is thin and light, and it is not easy to break due to lasting floating. A collection of Pustefix Hot Star Combine Packages, brought home once and played together with friends. Contains: Bubble Bear 180ml 1 Bottle/Double Circle Bubble Set 1 Box/1 Liter Bubble Water Refill 1 Bottle. The design of the German Pustefix magical bubble bear allows the children to press the bear's stomach in one hand or in both hands with the bear's bottle. The small bubble blowing bubble rises from the bear's head and does not require one more action. Bubble water, small circle from the filled with bubble water in the belly of the bear, has been dipping bubble water, the child as long as the small circle gently blowing, beautiful colorful bubbles to flow smoothly come out. **PS: Only one purchase at a time! (red, blue, yellow, three colors are randomly shipped)** As long as the pressured hand releases the bear's stomach, the small circle will once again fall into the bear's bottle; if the half of the bear's body is full of bubble water, as long as there is skill to press the bear's bottle first, the bubble water will rise. Then quickly lower the small circle and press it again to raise it, then you can continue to blow the bubble water to the whole bottle. When the stability of the children in large kindergartens and kindergartens is mature, the bubble bears can be easily and skillfully manipulated, and it is easy to enjoy the sense of accomplishment of flying dream bubbles from small circles! Germany Pustefix double circle bubble set, containing two large bubble circles, a shallow plate filled with bubble water, and a bottle of 250ml bubble water supplement. One of the multiple bubble circles, surrounded by eleven small circles, is filled with bubble water, which can pull out multiple dream bubbles at the same time; another large bubble ring can pull out the size of a basketball. Bubbles or a full tube of bubble tube, the presence of adults and children guarantee that they will exclaim in succession! Lightweight grip handle design, children over the age of three as long as you can grasp the speed of the bubble circle, you can easily create colorful and colorful bubbles! German Pustefix bubble water supplement bottle, 1000ml large capacity, used with the Pustefix series bubble toy, blowing longer is more fun. Pustefix exclusive special bubble water, not only easy to blow shape, more beautiful color of the world's most colorful, thin bubble light body, but the lasting floating is not easy to break. The German-made Pustefix bubble water, in full compliance with the highest standards of the EU safety standards, emphasizes that children should be able to breathe bubbles with peace of mind and ease. In addition to the safety and non-toxic persistence and compliance with current environmental regulations, bubble water can be broken down. It will cause pollution. [Commodity group content is as follows] ● Germany Pustefix magical bubble bear Origin: Germany Material: Non-toxic bubble water, plastic Size: 6 x 6 x 17 cm Capacity: 180ml ●Pustefix double bubble circle in Germany Origin: Germany Material: Non-toxic bubble water, plastic Size: 21 x 21 x 6 cm Capacity: 250ml Weight: 480G ●Pustefix 1L Large Replenisher in Germany Material: Non-toxic bubble water, plastic Origin: Germany Capacity: 1L


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