【เวิร์คช็อป】Walk with a person> Tattoo Culture Tour-Tattoo master and his canvas (walking guide-5 people)

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The passers-by will tell you the cultural significance of tattoos in different eras and ethnic groups, and interpret the tattoos and their life stories from the perspective of "tattoo master" and "stabbed" respectively. In addition, the door of the tattoo studio will be open to you. In addition to directly hitting the tattoo master's
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【เวิร์คช็อป】Walk with a person> Tattoo Culture Tour-Tattoo master and his canvas (walking guide-5 people)


**Itinerary** ▶ Subversion of the cold knowledge of tattoo culture what! Tattoos appeared on human skin as early as 5000 years ago? Was it even regarded as a medical technique? Tattoo behaviors cross national borders and develop different cultural connotations between different times and nations. In Taiwan, tattoos are no longer just masculine signs of fighting between gangs. Let us share with you all kinds of cold knowledge about tattoos. ▶ Unpack the box first! Mysterious Tattoo Studio The interior lights are dim, the transparent glass is covered with tattoos, and no gaps are left to snoop, as if approaching, you will stumble into the forbidden place-if these are the memories of the traditional tattoo studio in your mind, let us break him together! Break him! Break their impression! Let's walk into the tattoo designer's work space and open the box! ▶ I thought I would cry, but I didn’t have an inkless and colorless tattoo experience Want to use tattoos to commemorate those light or heavy stories in life, but worry that your level of pain resistance is in the younger class? I always hear people say that tattoos are painful, it is better to experience them yourself! Listening to the sound of the machine running and feeling the number of needles beating on your skin, is it painful to wash your teeth? Or does the tattoo hurt? Waiting for you to challenge! ※ What is the inkless tattoo: The inkless tattoo refers to the tattoo without the ink on the needle of the tattoo. So you can still experience the feeling of real tattoos. It does not actually leave color on the skin, as if it were a transparent tattoo. Ideal for people who want to understand the pain first, and then evaluate whether they have a real tattoo, or friends who are curious about the tattoo but do not want to leave a permanent pattern on their body. ※ The No-Tattoo Experience is an additional self-funded experience project. Based on safety considerations, the experience must be at least 18 years old; friends with high blood pressure, diabetes, and crab foot swelling cannot participate! ※ You can hear the complete guide and visit the tattoo studio for both schemes, but you can actually experience the feeling of tattoos on-site by signing up for the [Guide + Inkless Tattoo Experience] program. Participants in the [pure guide] plan can watch the process next to them. **Follow someone! Who are you going with this time?** **Logan (aka肉湹) & Warm Warmy Tattoo Studio** Meat soup: There are many post-80s tour guides with tattoos on his body. This time he finally got the opportunity to introduce his favorite tattoo culture, and the whole person burned like blood. At the age of 21, because of a love affair, after he had the first tattoo in his life, he never looked back. Since then, his body has been his canvas, and stories about him have been engraved on it. Nuan Nuan: Tattoo masters with more than ten years of experience, as the name suggests, are enough to smash your engraved impression of the tattoo master. She, who is not secretive and has no restrictions, generously unpacks her tattoo studio and invites you to listen to the story. In her words and craftsmanship, you will find that tattoos are so healing of the mind and body. **Must listen** ▶ The way of the tattoo master: Is there a tattoo school in Taiwan? How to learn tattoos in Taiwan? Share with you the hard-to-understand tattooist career. ▶ Communication strategy with the tattoo master: How to work with the tattoo master from scratch to come up with a tattoo? How can I specifically express the tattoo concept I want? What are the taboos of tattoo creation? Accelerate the tacit understanding of the prerequisite class, let you and your tattoos go further! ▶ The meaning of life behind the tattoo totem: Sometimes tattoo is a flashing thought, sometimes it is bravery, nostalgia, a gift of life, of course, it may be regret XD. Listen, listen, maybe you have another reason for tattooing. **Event details** <<Number of people limit>> 5 people in a row, up to 8 people per session. <<Times>> 6/20 (Sat), 7/4 (Sat), 7/18 (Sat) 13:30-16:30 pm If there are other needs, we provide customized appointments, please contact us! <<Meeting place>> MRT Xinyi Anhe Station Exit 3-This activity is a walking tour, please go to the meeting point by yourself. <<Need to prepare items>> -Water (recently hot! It’s okay to drink plenty of water~ it’s okay to drink more water) -Rain gear (slowly enter the typical summer weather pattern, there will often be thunderstorms in the afternoon) -Snacks (red packets are open to bring outside food. If you want to eat some snacks while watching the show, you can prepare some seeds, fruits, biscuits, and you will feel more) -Good walking shoes (Although we won't walk too much, good walking shoes will ensure that your feet are more comfortable. We will need to take off our shoes when entering the tattoo studio! Choose a pair of fragrant shoes~) <<Expenses include items>> -Guided tour fee -Unpacking guide fee for tattoo studio -Wireless guide -Entrance fee to the red envelope ※ If you choose the [Guide + Inkless Tattoo Experience] plan, the fee will also include an inkless tattoo (within 3X3 cm, a pattern template will be provided in advance for selection.)




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