Narcissus limited color

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Caramel red jade, like a maple leaf and amber, softly swaying in my ears Limited one



Narcissus limited color


►**Material** •18 yellow gold (non-gold-plated or gold-clad) •nature Jade • Chain length 2cm ►**Before shopping** + Because jewellery is handmade and custom-made personal items, except for new product defects, wrong products, or damaged during delivery, returns and exchanges are not accepted. + Piercing jewelry, such as earrings, etc., due to hygienic reasons, will not accept returns or exchanges. + Please be sure to confirm the ring circumference, hand circumference, etc. before purchasing, there is an additional charge for modifying the size. + Photos are taken from real products. Due to the different definitions of computer color rendering, shooting light, or personal perception, it is inevitable that there will be color differences. The products are mainly real products. +It is normal that there will be manual traces due to handcrafting. If you can accept it, please make a purchase. If you have any questions, please ask first! ►**Wearing recommendations** Any jewelry is not recommended for bathing, bathing, swimming, sports, and avoid contact with hot springs, sea water, swimming pool chlorine, cleaning agents, nail polish, or other chemicals to avoid chemical changes or erosion on the surface of the gold ornaments. When dressing, wearing jewelry should be the last step. You should wear jewelry after finishing makeup, applying lotion, spraying perfume and hairspray. Before changing clothes or going to bed, you should remove the jewelry to prevent it from breaking or falling off due to accidental pulling and collision. +**Accessories Storage** Each piece of jewelry will be accompanied by a jewelry box and a sealed bag. Each piece of jewelry should be stored separately to avoid scratches caused by friction between the accessories. Complex craftsmanship of precious metal jewelry, precious gemstones, etc., once damaged, it is difficult to repair, and it is often difficult to restore the original appearance. Avoid stretching and collision. +**Weekday maintenance** When wearing K-gold jewelry, just take care to avoid direct contact with cosmetics, skin care products, perfumes, or other chemical substances; after wearing, wipe with cotton or glasses cloth and put it back in the jewelry box. In this way, sweat dirt or corrosive substances can be avoided, and the life of the jewelry can be extended. If the jewelry is stained with sweat or beauty cosmetics, it is recommended to rinse it with water, dry it, and air dry it before storing. +**General cleaning** Gold jewellery and inlaid gemstones may lose their luster due to the dirt accumulated by frequent wearing, such as sweat and grease secreted by the human body or dust and dirt in the environment. At this time, the gold jewellery can be placed in a neutral detergent (such as neutral Dishwashing liquid, soapy water), soak and clean in warm water, or use a soft toothbrush with a neutral detergent to gently brush the bottom of the pedestal and the diamond-encrusted crevices, then rinse with clean water and dry. ►**Product Warranty** + Every purchase of Nisshin products comes with a product maintenance card. + Warranty period: six months. + Warranty scope: new product defects, broken bracelet or necklace joints, etc. + After receiving the product, please check whether the product is correct immediately. If there is a product error or a new product defect during the delivery process, please contact us within 7 days after the arrival of the product. We will assist you in handling the repair (customer product) matter. And within 5 days after contacting, return the original product together with the original packaging. Failure to send it back within the time limit shall be deemed to automatically give up the right to repair. Please keep the integrity of the product, the product must be "new and unused" + If the product is broken, damaged or lost due to external impact or improper use, we will evaluate whether it can be repaired according to the situation and charge the material fee accordingly. + Except for the defects of the new product, the buyer shall bear the return shipping cost, and we shall bear the return shipping cost after the repair. The buyer shall bear the return shipping cost for the rest of the repaired product. + The repair time for the product is about 1 ~ 4 weeks, depending on the condition of the repaired product. If the material is out of stock or out of stock, especially some natural stones may not have the same or similar products. If there is no alternative, we can’t help you repair it, please Excuse me. + All products outside the warranty period or the scope of the warranty will be repaired by quotation, and we reserve the right to refuse to provide repair services.


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