ROYI is easy丨Beautiful long-lasting series mask choose three-piece set

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ROYI is easy丨Beautiful long-lasting series mask choose three-piece set


**Perseverance engraved in the years...【easy ROYI】** For nearly a hundred years, it is easy to use the most sincere and rigorous attitude to check the products The passage of time has not changed the tone of grandma's persistence The most authentic ingredients, the proudest formula It is easy to have your own persistence, and only recommend it to you who understand the easiest Layer-by-layer penetration, multi-dimensional repair, witness the miracle of lasting beauty in 7 days Dedicated to creating flawless magic of 1+1>2 1. Incredible Repair Ampoule Mask • Instant super strong import, double-speed absorption. • Soothing and first aid nicotinamide builds a skin barrier. • Organic Edelweiss fully protects against dry itching and redness. • Combined with high-efficiency ampoule essence to create 1+1>2  South African Resurrection Grass It only needs a drop of water to revive in harsh desert environments. Extract its high moisturizing factor, penetrate the skin, strengthen the barrier, reduce redness and sensitivity caused by dry skin.  Organic Edelweiss Edelweiss has a powerful repair mechanism and defense ability Extract its high repair factor, soothe the skin, fight skin aging, and restore the skin's elastic, tender and firm state. 2. Lightweight Moisturizing Ampoule Mask • Concentrate small molecule hyaluronic acid and introduce super strong stock solution. • Swiss Glacier Water is multi-functional for moisturizing and glowing skin. • Nourishes the skin and activates the skin's active water switch. • Repair dry skin and release elasticity and moisture retention.  Swiss Glacier Water The pure mineral water from the Swiss Alps is encapsulated in the skin-friendly lecithin, which can enhance the softness and smoothness of the skin, provide excellent moisturizing power for dry skin, and provide fresh and long-lasting moisturizing efficacy.  Large and small molecule hyaluronic acid A substance with high water retention, hyaluronic acid with different molecular sizes also has different efficacy. Macromolecular hyaluronic acid can absorb several times its own weight of water, and this method can achieve the effect of moisturizing and absorbing water. Small molecule hyaluronic acid can enhance the skin's ability to hold and lock water. 3. Flawless Whitening Ampoule Mask • A bottle of white and translucent, challenging the bottleneck of whitening. • Acerola's super long-lasting whitening secret. • Deeply whitens and moisturizes for flawless skin. • Tranexamic acid fights dullness and evens skin tone  Acerola Acerola, also known as Acerola, is rich in vitamins and can effectively brighten dull complexion, maintain skin elasticity, and slow down aging.  Purple Rice Extract The plant extract extracted from rice bran helps to improve suppleness, prevent dry skin, and keep skin highly hydrated and bright. Ampoule × Mask = Double the repairing ability! 1.5ml Ampoule Essence X ROYI Exclusive Superconducting Mask Ampoule Essence  Oxalin: Soothing ingredient of deep ocean water, promotes keratin metabolism  Amino acid complex: Gently strengthens skin barrier, maintains skin moisturizing ingredients  Yeast/Lactic acid bacteria fermentation product: Fermented essence, whitening, moisturizing, anti-aging, preventing rough and dry skin ROYI Exclusive Superconducting Mask X Four Dimensions Porter of healthy skin, meticulous and "micro", carrying the essence The moment it touches the skin, it is quickly introduced into the skin.  Extremely water-locking  Very skin-friendly  Very thin and light  Very obedient Instructions: Step1 Take out the ampoule, open the top of the ampoule left and right, pour out the essence and massage evenly on the face. step2 Gently massage the essence until absorbed, take out the mask and apply it to the face. step3 20-30 minutes later, remove the mask, massage until absorbed, and the skin will look new. Precautions: For those with sensitive skin for the first time, please try it on the skin before use to make sure there is no allergic reaction before using it on the whole face. In case of allergy, discontinue use immediately and consult a dermatologist. In case of accidental contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water. This product is a one-time external use product, do not reuse. Do not swallow, keep out of reach of children. If the product contains plant extracts, discoloration or precipitation is normal and does not affect the quality. Please use it with confidence. Product specification: 24ml X 3 packs/box Ampoule essence: 1.5ml*3 packs/box, a total of 3 boxes Shelf life: 3 years Origin: Taiwan Price: 658 yuan/box This product has been insured with Fubon Product Insurance NTD 1 million product liability insurance


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1. The high-efficiency ampoule opens the skin penetration entrance, and it is super-introduced in 3 seconds. 2. Strengthen skin protection and repair skin barrier 3. Refine pores and repel dryness


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