Dotdot | Black Spinel x Red Garnet x Natural Pearl x Red Ghost

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The size of the head is contrasting, the beautiful, low-key and bright-eyed little embellishment, give it to yourself~



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Dotdot | Black Spinel x Red Garnet x Natural Pearl x Red Ghost


⊢ 手名⊣ Dotdot | Black Spinel x Rich Pink Red Garnet x Natural Pearl x Irregular Red Ghost ⊢ About hand ⊣ I love this "dotdot dot series" with a little sense of cute. The crystals of the beads are like dancing on the regular steps ~ one two three four, two two three four, three two three four, four two three four ~ ~, and finally with a brilliant bead, as if The final beautiful post of dance music! The deep dark black spinel can promote the inner positive energy, strengthen the insight into human things, and enhance the willpower of execution. With a thick, deep red garnet, she brings happiness to her, making her more confident and radiant. The power of red can also relieve troubles and make you more comfortable. Embellished with a touch of fascinating pearls, she is regarded as one of the seven treasures of Buddhism, symbolizing purity, love and happiness and prosperity. Finally, with a red ghost with a charming three-dimensional pyramid structure, she can give calm and fresh ideas, bring a good color and good spirit, but also bring warmth, let people forget negative feelings, and more Have a thoughtful empathy, so cute! Option 2: Or choose Red Stone as a beautiful Ending crystal~ With a feminine red stone, just like her gentle color, it is a symbol of enthusiasm, she can bring the power of self-confidence and the execution of love, so cute! Option 3: Or choose Strawberry Crystal as a beautiful Ending crystal~ With a sweet strawberry crystal, she can make her thoughts clear, strengthen her happiness, and enhance her beautiful love, so cute! Choose 4: Or choose 〗 〖Pink crystal as a beautiful Ending crystal~ With a sparkling starlight powder crystal, she makes her more confident, wins a good relationship, good relationship, and can give her stable strength, so cute! [Add small items] 925 sterling silver charm + exclusive to your typing ⊢ crystal in dearsharka ⊣ Shar, who loves crystal, is afraid of a whole series of "Bamboo Pearl" crystal bracelets. Therefore, the crystal beauty in shar love dearsharka has their own personality, so that crystal beauty can also become a stylish eye-catching jewelry. ▶▶ This beautiful style is set to "the crystal beauty of the matching model", there will be similar styles. ▶▶The combination of crystal and beauty is Czech beads and Japanese beads. They are of high quality and changeable, and they are not easy to fade. ▶▶The part that is threaded, shar uses "Japanese elastic silk thread", which is tough and not easy to break. ▶▶The crystal beauty will have their own natural ice cracks, which is their most natural look. Shar will try to present their appearance in the photos. ▶▶In order to adjust the length of the suitable 妳, shar may need to adjust the length of the bracelet, so it will increase or decrease some of the Czech beads or Japanese beads. ▶▶ "Turquoise" and "Pearl" are more delicate, and it is strongly recommended to take off when taking a bath. ⊢ Take Me Home ⊣ When he decides to take her home, shar will help adjust the length of the wrist. Therefore, please don't forget to take a line after purchase, take a circle around your wrist, and measure with a ruler. Please tell shar in [Remarks of Order] [Please be sure to provide it, otherwise it will delay the delivery time]~ 1 What is the length of the hand circumference? 2 Want to fit some? Still have some sense of space? ★★★Important~Important: Do not measure the indirect length of the existing bracelet or watch at hand~ Here, every hand creates beauty without a model that limits them, and there is no production line to rigidify them. Each of them has their own unique temperament and beauty. ◭◭◭ At fb, you can find traces of dearsharka! ◭◭◭ Handmade in TW


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