100% natural essential oil ball perfume-Ps.91 comprehensive protection

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Not to fight, but to enhance 💪💪💪 ~ Give you who are allergic to alcohol and adore nature ~ Mary's 100% pure natural purified essential oil balls, using all natural materials, can directly apply to the skin, bringing you all-round, long-term protection And health.



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100% natural essential oil ball perfume-Ps.91 comprehensive protection


Mary's 100% pure natural purified essential oil ball, using__**all natural materials**__,**can be applied directly to the skin**, convenient to carry around and place anywhere, bringing you and your family all-round, long-term protection and health. **/ Product description /** Mary's 100% natural essential oil ball series-Ps.91 comprehensive protection and purification essential oil ball 10ml. (This product supports plastic and carbon reduction, and only ships in foam wrap; if you need a gift box, please note that we can provide you with packaging*^^*) **/ Essential Oil Ball Instructions /** "Ps. 91 Comprehensive protection and purification of essential oil balls" **__**raw materials**__: Fractionated coconut oil + 100% pure natural essential oils (Frankincense essential oil, Laurel essential oil, Rowansha leaf essential oil, Thymol thyme essential oil, Juniper essential oil, Cypress essential oil, Cedar essential oil, Organic lavender essential oil, pheasant essential oil, green flower Melaleuca Essential oils ⋯ ⋯ and other essential oils). **__**Features**__: It is the best choice for improving respiratory function, preventing the invasion of bacteria and viruses, completely natural and free of burden, and boosting immunity in the long term. **__**Use**__: 1. Apply directly to the chest, larynx, nose, wrist, or inside of the mask for purification and protection. 2. If you feel uncomfortable after use, please stop using it. 3. Avoid using it for infants and pregnant women. 4. Please keep in a dry and cool place, avoid direct sunlight. **The flu season can be applied to the inside of the mask to add an extra layer of defense and protection.** **__**Period of effect**__: Without any chemical flavors, pigments, preservatives, etc., please use it within**"within three months after opening"** **~ More comprehensive protection and purification series ~** "Comprehensive Protection and Purification of Essential Oils" https://www.pinkoi.com/product/SwVKPfFP "Comprehensive Protection and Purification Spray" https://www.pinkoi.com/product/SkPamaNe **= To you who want to know the characteristics of this product essential oil =** **1. "Frankincense Essential Oil":**Fine and noble aroma, with wood and lemon flavor. It is antibacterial and cleanses the lungs. It has a soothing but fresh effect, which can calm people's mood. **2. "Juniper Essential Oil":**Clean and fresh woody fragrance. It is antibacterial, insecticidal, disinfection, detoxification, and can effectively purify the air, which is the favorite of medical and beauty professionals. **3. "Cypress Essential Oil":**Clear and uplifting woody fragrance. Antibacterial, anti-rheumatic, insect repellent, deodorant. It can soothe the emotions, purify the soul, and remove the depressed atmosphere. **4. "Lavender Essential Oil":**Light and clear floral fragrance with a slight woody smell. Antibacterial, insecticidal, antiviral, deodorant, detoxification. It also calms emotions, balances the central nervous system, purifies and calms the mind, and reduces the feeling of exhaustion. **5. "Cedar Essential Oil":**With a warm woody fragrance. Can be antibacterial, insect repellent, disinfection, and help the air absorb moisture. And can adjust the mood, reduce stress and tension. **6. "Thyme Essential Oil":**Sweet and strong herbal fragrance. Can be antibacterial, sterilizing, antiseptic, antitussive, and anti-infective (especially help strengthen the lungs and enhance the ability of the lungs to fight infection). It also balances emotions, strengthens nerves, and boosts feelings of exhaustion. **7. "Laurel Essential Oil":**Sweet spice flavor. It is antibacterial and insecticidal, helps to treat bronchial problems, and is the most essential oil for bacteriostasis. With a slight anesthetic effect, it makes the body and soul warm and calm. **8. "Yang Ji Pepper Essential Oil":**Sweet citrus fruit aroma. Antibacterial, sterilizing, deodorizing and insecticidal. It is very exciting and can create a spiritual feeling of sunshine. **9. "Rovensa Leaf Essential Oil":**Delicate rosemary vanilla flavor. It can resist viruses, stimulate immunity, and help treat respiratory infections. **10. "Green Flower Melaleuca Essential Oil":**Sweet herbal fragrance. Can be antibacterial, prevent infection and anthelmintic. It is an excellent antibacterial agent for the respiratory tract, which can reduce long-term lung diseases


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