As a summer flower | Pure white winter flower ceremony / Christmas pot flower ‧ table flower - Blanc - eternal flower / not withered flowers

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Handmade flower rituals imported from Japan without the use of flowers, leaves and dried fruits



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As a summer flower | Pure white winter flower ceremony / Christmas pot flower ‧ table flower - Blanc - eternal flower / not withered flowers


**Blanc** The subtropical winter does not snow, so I yearn for White Christmas. Pure white ping-pong ball like snowball, indispensable holly leaf for Christmas holidays Formed a small piece of winter snow on the table __Product description__ Size: Height together with flower organ about 12~13cm Flower (size): Log (12x12x6cm) Description of flowers: Japan imports no rose, table tennis, hydrangea and leaf, dry logs, dried flowers (natural color, dyeing), dry flowers and leaves * Due to the shortage of imported ping-pong chrysanthemum material, one of the two ping-pong daisy in the picture will be replaced by white without rose __Please understand before buying:__ - All leaves must be fixed by hand with wire and floral tape and require a long production period. - Designers will try their best to match the published pictures, but the configuration and angle of the flowers may be slightly different each time they are made, and the flowers may be adjusted due to seasonal factors or insufficient supply. - We will select good quality flowers, but the eternal flowers/dry flowers are natural materials, the shape and size are different, and it is inevitable that there will be natural defects. Please bear with me. - Shipping and packaging: Based on environmental protection and cherish the heart, we will try our best to reuse cardboard boxes and packaging materials to avoid waste of resources. I hope you support and understand. We will carefully package and protect the goods, but the leaves or petals may still fall during transportation. If there is serious damage such as crushing, crushing, etc., please contact the designer. __About eternal flowers / no flowers__ Preserved Flowers is a special technique used to dehydrate and decolorize fresh leaves and then re-stain them. Although the price is higher than flowers, eternal flowers retain the texture of flowers and can be preserved for a long time in a proper environment. More suitable as a flower or home life floral. - Eternal flowers/dry flowers do not need to be watered, please do not place them in damp or direct sunlight. Under normal circumstances, eternal flowers can be stored for 1-2 years or longer, and the color will gradually fade but not wither; dry flowers can usually be stored for half a year to one year. - If you need to clean the eternal flower, use a dry brush/brush to gently remove the dust. Do not wipe or spray any cleaning agent with a damp paper towel. - Moisture will make the petals of the immortal flower slightly transparent. Please dehumidify to reduce the humidity and gradually recover. - Dark leaves are sometimes contaminated with friction/moisture. Avoid contact with clothing for long periods of time. Designers will consider the configuration of the shades of flowers in advance, but it is also normal for light-colored flowers to be contaminated by long-term exposure to dark leaves. __About [Life, Summer Flower Saison Floral Design]__ Life is like a summer flower from Tagore's poem "Let life be beautiful like summer flowers", this is a small floral studio, every piece of work, that is, the moment of life is beautiful, the seasons change, the daylight flows.. Let us pass this good with flowers. Origin / manufacturing methods Japan imports mainly flowers, Taiwan design and manufacture


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