Animal skewers burger / badge (a total of 3)

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Animal skewers burger / badge (a total of 3)


Animal skewers burger / badge (a total of 3)

Because I love the skewers of stickers a while ago,
So a few skewers to make a badge ~

■ Design │

The origin of the story is because recently received two math tutor,
So on Saturday physics and chemistry in the country will then teach two tutors,
In other words, I have to work six days a week off only one day a week.
So Mid-Autumn Festival also brought to make up classes ....
This means that my lovely Mid-Autumn Festival barbecue bubble ~ soup ~ ~ this year
Humming ...

It's okay to be myself

Round long is a standard night cat,
Creative drawing time in the middle of the night after 12 o'clock.
In the dead of night,
My hamster "Anbi" is running warmly in the wheel,
My stomach is also excited grunt.

"Dear God, how good is this delicious skewer at this time?"

Holding a pen began to draw a variety of cute animal skewers
Results drawn too energetic, unknowingly 4 o'clock in the morning!
Finished painting when not even hungry!
The original round long animal skewer hunger solution!
Amaaaaaazing ~

■ style │

Like to eat [octopus burning]
Octopus burning is a round shape lying in the boat carton,
I just want to take the whole octopus burn, to see how cute they are both ~

[Gourd] is my love,
Too big a bite every time a tomato,
But split into two but spray sauce made clothes are dirty out.
Although it is very troublesome to eat, sticky sticky mouth sticky clothes,
However, North Korea encountered selling sugar calabash I still have money to buy support greedy ~

Burning】 【rambutan was originally painted to burn,
Unconsciously by my eyes and ears became raging skewers.
In fact, very cute ~ ❤️ soft feeling

■ Material │ plastic, pins
(Matte material feels slippery easy to have reflective or scratched)

■ size │ diameter of 44mm round

■ use │ find a favorite bag or cloth products,
Open the badge do not go up, be careful not to stab the hand Oh ~
Then you can be happy watching them smile =)

【Otherwise the same paragraph stickers】
Animal skewers / matte stickers:

【Otherwise the same badge】
Snapper fish burn / badge group:

Origin / manufacturing methods
Young and long round hands


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