Sipping thermos 2 colors

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share to product description Sip a thermos bottle. Walnut 330ML insulation, cold preservation 12H-three-year warranty • Stainless steel insulation is guaranteed for three years. • Keep warm and keep cold for 12 hours, in line with the specifications of th



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Sipping thermos 2 colors


Our common thermos bottle is plastic, iron or stainless steel. We are thinking about whether giving the different external materials a different feeling. In 2017, the Million Committee was assisted by the Japanese thermos manufacturer to transform the stainless steel inner structure. The insulation and cold preservation can reach 12 hours, and there is a solid wood body design that does not wet the bag. The size is also convenient to carry daily, and Provide three-year warranty, stainless steel insulation effect "Sipping Thermos" won the 2015 Golden Point Design Award for outstanding quality. After the 2015 Golden Point Design Awards were intensively selected in Taipei, Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen, we were honored to stand out in 1964 works. The lightweight bottle lets you carry it with you every day, perfect for carrying on the go. Not only a special solid wood material, but also a unique disassembled 304 stainless steel strainer, which allows you to easily brew tea and fruit tea in the outdoor leisure or office, so that you can always Enjoy the taste of fresh bubbles. The lightweight bottle lets you carry it with you every day, perfect for carrying on the go. Size: 6.5x20cm Liquid capacity: 330ml Weight: 250g Insulation effect: 85 degrees 1 hour, 60 degrees 6 hours, 40 degrees 12 hours Cooling effect: 9 degrees 6 hours (Stainless steel insulation effect for three years warranty) Material: In-bottle steel: SUS304 stainless steel Outer bottle material: walnut solid wood Inside of the upper cover: food grade impact resistant PP plastic Upper cover: SUS304 stainless steel, walnut solid wood Place of Origin: Taiwan (TAIWAN) -------------- [Product Awards] 2015 Golden Point Design Award Structure patented goods Product Notes: Solid wood products must have natural texture and performance. Each thermos has its own unique texture. Of course, natural objects have inherent defects. ● SGS China Food and Drug Container Packaging Health Standard Inspection "Qualified" and heavy metal "Zero" was detected. Precautions when using ※The top cover of the thermos bottle is made of wood and the surface of the wooden bottle is treated with wood lacquer. Any surface impact or friction will cause damage to the surface. This part is not covered by the warranty. Please use it carefully. ※This bottle is a wooden product. Do not brush it with a metal brush or a sharp device. If it is filled with a color beverage for a long time, it may cause food residue in the bottle. Please use special stain to clean the powder. Do not drop the thermos or subject it to strong impact. Please pay attention to the lid and the drinking water, whether it is really tight. Be careful not to unscrew the bottle or close the bottle while the bottle is tilted. When the top cover is opened, the bottle body and the top cover should be held together and then opened. After the lid of the beverage is tightened, turn the bottle upside down to confirm that the bottle is leaking. Do not boil the lid or bottle with hot water. Do not use improper cleaning agents and put them in the dryer and other appliance dryers. Do not use bottles for dry ice, carbonated drinks, dairy products and food. Please do not drink when you are driving or driving. Do not put the bottle in the water. When the bottle is filled with hot drinks, please observe the following points When you drink, please know the temperature of the water in the bottle to avoid the risk of burns caused by excessive temperature. When the bottle is tilted or close to the face, do not open the top cover. Sometimes the bottle will have internal pressure. When it is opened, the hot drink in the bottle will splash out. To avoid burns, you can slightly unscrew the top cover and deflate. Turn away to drink. Do not tilt the bottle suddenly, causing the hot drink inside the bottle to splash out, which may cause burns. When tightening the upper cover, make sure that the upper cover is already tightened. If it is not fully tightened, the hot drink will leak out when the bottle is tilted, and there is danger of burns, so be sure to tighten the upper cover and the drinking water. Do not use the thermos bottle other than when it is used in a beverage and used for heat preservation and cold preservation. Do not place the bottle near the heat source of the heater. There is a risk of burns and deformation and discoloration of the bottle. Please do not use a microwave to heat up, there is a danger of spark splash explosion. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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