Mi communication no.1 Yilan

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"泔", the clear rice soup floating on white porridge, the first mouthful of rice fed with milk between the babies, the starting point of eating rice.



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Mi communication no.1 Yilan


Editor's Note "Have a good meal", this year I always talk about this, because of the advice and miss of a good friend. Thinking about it, it's time to start. The most basic thing to eat is rice. In these years of food work, there is nothing more than rice that I always think about but hesitates to start. Looking at the millennium history of Mi Zuozhuan, it is really difficult to avoid field fright. Where can I do it? How to do it? But I really disturb myself. From small to large, three meals a day, there may be tens of millions of grains of rice; a journey of thousands of miles begins with one step, and it is right to go; be more diligent, eat more, from north to south, from east To the west, there is Mi Jixing. There is a saying in the movie Komori Shiko: "Rice grows by listening to the footsteps of people," and I also want to cultivate the rice-eating doctrine that belongs to our generation in this way. I dream at night and dream at day. Dreams ca n’t be eaten as meals, you can eat them by hand, so we have to open a rice cafeteria. The rice canteen was named "泔", a clear rice soup floating on white porridge. The first mouthful of rice was fed with milk between the babies. Mother food territories start with rice, and each hometown has its own rice and cuisine. So we set off, looking for rice, cooking, and learning from each of the mothers we met. We disturbedly went to the farmer's house for dinner, and dug out the pickles left in the refrigerator of the farmer's mother, which were left for the family to eat. It's really annoying ... but there's no way. The local taste doesn't matter. "Mi Communications" was launched, Tu Jin, the first issue of Yilan. Yilan is rainy and the sunshine is short. The rice is only obtained once a year. However, the soil is fertile, self-cultivated and self-eating, and has a high sense of friendly environment. Rooted in the terroir, watered with human feelings, food comes from life, and the endless content can not be visited in any way. If it is too late, leave it for the next time. The food writing industry often makes people sigh that they ca n’t eat it. We do n’t know this industry. Even rice and rice fans are attached with the contents. Three rice varieties and three types of cooking proposals are recommended. Be sure to cook. The same is Yilan rice, different varieties, rice characteristics are different. Good taste is subjective, and appraisal and taste are subjective conversion methods after setting value parameters. But we look forward to understanding a little more, suitable for rice, and sorting out our own good rice viewpoint from the multiple possibilities. Let's have a good meal together. Magazine Catalog Phase I: Yilan * Rice, the ability to eat * Let ’s talk about Yilan ’s special delicious rice * Happiness at the time of cooking, from Yilan's top Xuefu rice * Various varieties of Yilan rice (introduction of various rice varieties in Yilan) * Our view of rice, the beauty of rice and utensils cooked in clay pot * Dream of Rice Cooking Lab and Taichung Village 10 * Essence of Rice Soup * Use 泔 to cook out the mood of our generation * From 泔 汤 to 泔 若 竹 * The gentlest satisfying pheasant soup * Spices from rice pal Yilan mother * Stains are made in Yilan for a while * History of Tofu Milk * The soy sauce here is different! Short Day Exposure X Old Black Beans X Concentrated Cooking * Yilan Sambo Jujube Cake, Cake Residue, Duck Reward and Liver Blossom * What we want to share with you * Have a good meal at the rice shop * Good farmers in Yilan


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