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Nick Young.jpg x HWPD By Champion Partnership - White

รายละเอียดสินค้า # Black question mark Tee joint planning HWPD recently joined Spotify as one of Taiwan's top 50 best-sellers, taking the lead by RPG & NEOSO to sing "NickYoung.jpg" around the single "Black Question Mark .jpg" singles. # Artist Profile RPG & NEOSO # Strength to send rappers RPG Hip-HOP Taiwan's body music and sent the war with the Sony / ATV copyright lyrics author, the mainstream and underground double knife professional rap job two identities, behind the scenes singers such as Zhu Lijing, Zhang Mei, Jam Hsiao, Dai Ailing, Wang Da Wen, Kimberley Chen Fang language, Gentleman, JPM, this group of people, villain, bear, big branch, Juzzy Orange ... and so on. Singing song "I can not talk", "Superman Relay" set a record breaking millions in YouTube record, is a household name in Taiwan's rap music circle. RPG to send the music beige base music to hip-hop music easily compatible with a variety of genre characteristics, creation has so far accumulated countless works, participated in include eggcup, egg, Huang's work "The QNGY Mixtape" called Taiwan Followers of "Gossip Mix" with Xiong Zi, BR, R-Flow, Deejay Mr. Gin, HAN Sen, and "Ginseng Mixer" with Taiwanese hip hop artist DJs (DJ Taiwan (Champion Taiwan), DJ Skin (Taiwan champion), DJ Rayray (Taiwan Redbull 3style, DJ Mr. Gin (DMC Taiwan group champion) and other heavy DJ, this cooperation program with R & B singer NEOSO is worth the wait. #RNB singer NEOSO NEOSO Dai Cen Hua, who is different from many other rappers in the field of music, is good at HIP-HOP, R & B and EDM genres. NEOSO Dai Cenhu's musical style plays all kinds of old school and new school elements, Let his music works full of many interesting characteristics. From the middle of the country to hear the first Eminem album began, began to have a strong interest in hip-hop music, especially the unique rhythm of music type, with every favorite music like, after absorbing a lot of energy, it is burning Self-small universe outbreak, more and more ideas and vision of music, and then to the music of this road, this road may not be family expectations, but not a smooth and easy way, but each time you create a new song obtained The satisfaction of NEOSO Dai Cen Hua more positive, eternal passion. At the beginning of creation music is not as much as the current platform for publishing music, NEOSO computer is always silently created hundreds of creative songs accumulated until Youtube later published "DangerGirl", only began to gradually Find the Internet to share the opportunity to act low-key NEOSO and most of the limelight hip-hop singer, his passion for hip-hop music has also succeeded in allowing hip-hop music in a variety of different styles of music appropriate integration, as can not be ignored . Among them, the song "PLURALISM" which is a collaboration with the FLUX Orchestra, "Tokyo Big Night Escape ft. Neoso Dai Cenhua" NEOSO quite accurate grasp of music, and not only good at long ghx, the general melodic songs in the aspect of singing more profound foundation, and RPG collocation can also produce unexpected chemical changes. # Black question mark Tee product introduction Genuine US Champion high pounds of cotton short Tee, 100% cotton, double needle cuffs and hem fold, no label design to reduce the friction with the skin, the left cuff Champion Logo electricity embroidery method. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan


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