iPhone 11 Pro MAX MORANDI series minimalist mobile phone holster-double-layer milk tea powder clip

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A new facelift in 2018 that retains the classic temperature of the classic herringbone stitching process. Through the refinement of the craftsmanship displayed in the subtle places, it conveys the designer's insistence on aesthetics and practicality. Through the quintessential creative context and the complicated application of craftsmanship, it is expec



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iPhone 11 Pro MAX MORANDI series minimalist mobile phone holster-double-layer milk tea powder clip


** This store leather case Physical: The back of the iPhone 11 Pro MAX is a double-layer card holder (as shown in the last picture of the product) Photo: Single-layer card holder on the back of iPhone 11 Pro Herringbone sewing | Fashion classic with a sense of security Dress your phone with neat, smooth and compact lines like leather Genuine leather with antique copper metal fasteners * Convenient storage design-the back of the cover has a thoughtful card design, which can hold business cards and various tickets * Screen anti-collision-using herringbone stitching method to tightly wrap the leather around the screen with a 0.8mm thick manganese steel protective ring Risk of screen fragmentation * Enhanced anti-collision of the fuselage-the four corners of the fuselage are completely covered with a buffer effect to enhance the protection function * Prevent the body from rubbing-the optical camera lens and screen will not directly contact and rub with the desktop ■ Intimate tips According to the original question of the mobile phone, if you use the wireless charging function, please do not put financial cards, leisure cards, access control cards, etc. cards with deduction and induction functions in the storage bag on the back of the holster to avoid the above cards Damaged or invalid. ■ Product specifications * Product name: iPhone 11 Pro MAX MORANDI series minimalist leather case * Dimensions: about 16.2 x 8.2 x 1.5 cm * Color: milk tea powder * Material: top-level cowhide ■ What you need to know about using leather * Contains natural lines (i.e. scars from animal growth, mosquito bites, etc.). * If there are stains on the leather surface, please wipe with a soft dry cloth, or wipe gently with an eraser. * After being exposed to rain, etc., immediately wipe the surface with a dry soft cloth and dry in the shade. * When storing this product, please put it in a cool and ventilated place. Daily maintenance can prevent mildew spots by dry rubbing. ■ Scope of warranty 1. The warranty period for car stitches, oil edges and other product defects is 1 month. 2. Damage occurs under normal use, and if it is determined to be a quality problem, a warranty period of six months from the date of purchase will be provided. 3. If the product contains a plastic shell, the plastic shell is guaranteed for six months, and is free to be updated free of charge within six months. 4. If the product is more than six months from the date of purchase, the natural damage will be returned to the repairer, depending on the situation, a maintenance fee ranging from 300 to 600 NTD will be charged. The company reserves the right to provide maintenance services. Origin / manufacturing methods Designed in Taiwan, made in China


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