:: Silver Snow Lace Collection :: Silver Snow Ice Drops (Emerald Style) Low-gloss Sterling Silver Clavicle Chain


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    In order to protect your own rights, please read the product's**Cautions**before placing your order. The working day
  • **【Silver Snow Lace Series】**
    Silver snow lace series, the entire series are running through the same theme, the composition of silver snow to express the white lace pattern, the same use of the glimmer of the cutting section of the chain, each one is very detailed and very worthy of collection.

    **[product information]**
    The size of the customer's system is based on demand and there is no adjustment chain.

    **▲Chain color**

    **▲ chain width**
    Approximately 0.09 cm, manual measurement may have slight errors

    **▲ Material**
    ☑Zircon Drill (emerald)
    ☞**"About Silver Material"**
    Will not fade, but it will oxidize to black, the degree of oxidation will vary according to personal habits and conditions. Swim, hot springs, maintenance makeup and other chemical agents, etc. Please avoid contact.

    ☑ general packaging (basic beauty / convenient collection)
    If there is no special purchase and upgrade package, the product will be placed in the same box (bag) after separate packaging. If there is a complete packaging requirement, please note when ordering.

    ☑ upgrade boxed (gift beautiful/basic collection)
    ☞ https://www.pinkoi.com/product/1xLDlBvR?category=3
    ☞ https://www.pinkoi.com/product/1fR9zBUU?category=3
    Whether the product is applicable to purchase and upgrade, please refer to the above link to the store description or use the station letter to inquire, thank you.

    -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------
    **【Working days】**Please read the number of working days of the merchandise carefully before placing orders. Is it urgent or have any questions about the time of delivery? Please contact us by email. After the order is placed, the notice or remark is urgent and will not be accepted!

    **▲Product production**
    The design center's merchandise is custom-ordered, and the number of days worked after the payment is completed (calculated on the first working day after the payment is completed).
    The goods are hand-made, and the number of working days will vary depending on the production status of the orders. Generally, it takes about 7 to 21 working days (excluding delivery time), and the actual shipping time is the main factor.

    **▲Product Delivery**
    **运送 Taiwan transportation time**
    By mailing for registration for about 1-2 days, the supermarket will pick up the goods for about 2-3 days, and some of the more distant areas may be delivered for 3-5 days. (Excluding Saturday and National Holidays)

    **☑ Non-Taiwan transit time**
    Shipped by**China Post POST airmail**(cannot keep track of the status of the goods), depending on the destination, the number of working days is different, approximately 10 - 14 working days after delivery (excluding Saturdays And national holidays).

    -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------
    **【Precautions】**☞ Please confirm the precautions before purchasing. All products are custom-made products. We do not provide return and exchange services. To avoid future disputes, please be sure to accept the purchase order.

    **▲ Before ordering**
    Excluding custom size and packaging requirements, there are any issues or issues that we hope to pay more attention to.**Please don't directly place a message on the order remarks column**, we can't know at the first time what you want to convey. Matters, please use the station letter to contact us first.

    Most of the products in the design shop are too fragile to be pulled, and you should be irritated before you order. At the same time**please understand the material loss of your order material may occur in the future**, determine to accept the purchase.

    ☑ If the product is defective at the time of delivery, the condition of the original delivery will not appear until after the wearer wears it. It will be repaired and handled, and the cost and postage will be charged.

    If you want to choose a VIP that is very customized, please contact us before using the station letter. If you do not contact us, you may experience delays or disputes due to unclear effects such as size adjustments or inconsistent order amounts.

    ☑ Customize the item to be informed or select a custom-made VIP. When ordering, please fill in your desired size (cm) (size includes reserved space) and style . Failure to initiate notification will delay delivery of the product.

    When you place an order, please pay more attention to whether the address you filled in is correct and whether your name is in line with your identity card (or passport). If for personal reasons (and not limited to incomplete information, inaccurate, or unsolicited receipts, etc.), resulting in unreceivable circumstances or parcels returned, in addition to the possibility of payment of storage fees or return shipping costs, but also to bear the freight Re-send it. If you can't get in touch with you via a letter or text message, we will save it for you for one month, and you will not be responsible for the custody if you are overdue.

    For VIPs sent to overseas regions, if the parcels are returned, they will be handled in the same manner as above. If they are not returned to the dispatch bureau and wait for authorization corrections, we will have to pay an extra NT.50-100 yuan for the cost of the work, in addition to waiting for corrections to be sent overseas. (including file postage).

    If you have any doubts about whether the product will cause allergies, please do not order. Because everyone has different allergies, there is no way to measure it.

    **▲ After receiving the product**
    ☑If you have any concerns about size or defects after receiving the product, please do not hesitate to request it within 7 days after you sign it. If it exceeds 7 days, it will not be accepted. It will be listed as maintenance goods to help you do follow-up processing, and you will be charged postage.

    ☑ If you lose yourself, or if the product is damaged due to other factors after wearing, the defective part is too rough to be repaired. It will not be listed as a repair item and you will be responsible for the full cost yourself.

    ☑ Design Hall merchandise is custom-made, no other size can be replaced, in addition to some disposable consumables, can be modified, if it is not our production of negligence (within the license error), need to pay back and forth postage And material costs.

    Since a small number of products have special materials, styles or manufacturing methods, they cannot be resized after they are completed, and they may not be repaired after being damaged.
    **▲About the product itself**
    ☑ arrangement
    The products will be slightly adjusted according to the length of the arrangement. The designer reserves the right to adjust the arrangement and proportion of goods.

    In the event that some materials are out of stock or minor part adjustments are made, the designer will retain the right to make adjustments to small parts if the appearance of the impact is not noticed.

    Since the products are all made by hand, there may be dimensional errors (within ±0.5 cm) due to errors in the ruler and the way each person measures. The dimensions provided when ordering are for reference only.

    Natural stone
    Each pearl and natural stone has different color depth and texture. Some of them have small cracks or other small flaws such as impurities. There is no way to be as perfect as artificial pearls and gems. There will also be irregularities in the size and shape of natural stone, so there is no way to meet 100% product image. If you cannot accept the above situation, please do not purchase it.

    Scratch marks
    Because the product is handmade, the finished product may have hand marks (such as knots or asymmetry, unevenness, etc., does not affect the wearer's situation). There is no way to be as perfect as a machine, so be careful.

    Color difference
    All of the items in the picture may have a color difference due to factors such as the light of the shot or the brightness of the personal computer screen. There may also be a slight drop in the color of different batches of goods.

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:: Silver Snow Lace Collection :: Silver Snow Ice Drops (Emerald Style) Low-gloss Sterling Silver Clavicle Chain

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