Cute and beautiful mustard yellow natural volcanic rock Lava Stone 14K gold-packed earrings/earrings

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Crafty Charbee
Crafty Charbee
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หิน ต่างหู สีเหลือง - Cute and beautiful mustard yellow natural volcanic rock Lava Stone 14K gold-packed earrings/earrings


**Stone**is a natural stone formed by the rapid condensation of magma erupted deep in the earth's crust.**It has very strong natural energy and trace elements and minerals.**Regular wearing can promote cell metabolism, strengthen blood circulation, and regulate the digestive system.**It has the functions of detoxifying, nourishing the skin and enhancing physical fitness.** It is said that Stone is a symbol of strength, hope and courage, and also brings vitality to dreams and the future. Since Stone itself has unique tiny pores that help**and evaporate aromatherapy scents, it is often used as a diffuser Stone for essential oil aromatherapy**. When wearing it, you can drop your favorite essential oil on the Stone stone beads, and let it become your**"fragrance jewelry" that will spread your favorite aroma around you all day long, and you will be in a good mood!** Did you know? Stone also has the effect of preventing trace radiation! In recent years, many Japanese have used Stone to make**anti-radiation jewelry**. This Stone stone jewelry series is truly both beautiful and practical. It is also the best unique and thoughtful gift for yourself, your relatives and friends! Material: volcanic rock Lava Stone with 14K gold-filled anti-allergic ear needles. Size: Earring 35mm (L) x 12mm (W) The diameter of volcanic rock beads is about 10 -11mm Thank you for visiting Crafty Charbee Design Studio! Each piece of work here has a unique temperament, containing the designer's thoughts and blessings. If you see a work you like and want to take it home, please pay attention to the following things~ **【Send works and order time】** Existing works that have been produced will generally be sent out 3-5 working days after purchase. The time for custom works is generally 7-10 working days. If you need it for your own use or as a gift, you can contact the designer to discuss and we will try our best to arrange it. **[The uniqueness of handmade]** The jewelry works in the studio are all handmade, and each piece has its own unique personality of natural materials, so each piece will not be exactly the same. **[Natural stone is full of energy and unique]** Natural stone is a product of nature. We carefully select high-quality natural Gemstone for our products, but it is inevitable that there will occasionally be natural phenomena such as ice cracks or flaws. However, the color, shape and transparency of each natural stone will be slightly different. Especially natural baroque pearls,**every baroque pearl is unique**, so each piece of work will be slightly different from the photos displayed in the design hall, please pay attention~ **【Designers tell stories with pictures】** All photos of the works are taken by the designer in kind. Sometimes, in order to show the delicate design of the jewelry, a micro lens is used to achieve a magnifying effect when shooting. Please pay attention to the size information of the works. It is recommended to compare with the jewelry you often wear to understand the true size of the piece. The display screen of each electronic product may also have a slight color difference, please pay attention~ **[high quality metal material]** All our earrings and necklaces are made of 18K or 14K gold-filled hypoallergenic materials. If the user is very sensitive to metals, you can contact the designer to customize and switch to S925 sterling silver accessories. Please note: 14K/18K gold will also oxidize! However, compared to alloy jewelry, as long as it is properly maintained, it can still maintain its luster for a long time. **【Maintenance Notice】** **Each handmade jewelry is crafted by a designer, and we hope that the owner will take good care of it and maintain it carefully**so that the jewelry can stay in its best condition and always show you its most beautiful side: • Please use perfume/cosmetics 10-15 minutes before wearing. • Please use the included Silver wiping cloth to wipe it after each wearing. After cleaning, store it carefully in the jewelry box. Please store jewelry in a dry and dark environment (such as a drawer or box). • Avoid exposure to the sun, and it is not recommended to wear it while bathing or swimming.


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Lava Stone has very powerful natural energy and trace elements and minerals. Regular wear can promote metabolism, strengthen blood circulation, regulate the digestive system, detoxify, nourish the skin and enhance physical fitness. When wearing it, just drop your favorite essential oil on the Stone stone beads, and it will become your "fragrance jewelry", which is both beautiful and practical!


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