"The continuation of the moon. Shangri-La's fantasy "cement necklace

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"The continuation of the moon. Shangri-La's fantasy "cement necklace


Shangri-La, it is said that this is just a fictional place name. A long time ago you told me about the Shangri-La thing, I thought that one day will go with you to Shangri-La. Later, the original consciousness I think of Shangri-La with your fantasy in the existence of differences, so later we find their own Shangri-La.

Whenever I look up at the stars and close my eyes, I'll be like my Shangri-La

In the pavilion near my house, you can see the harbor. I like to smell the aroma of roses over there, accompanied by the salty sea of hope for the future. Later, I do not like to go there because the aroma of the roses disappeared, replaced by green tea sour. And there was a lot of sadness in the past, a bit like a memory of the grave.

But occasionally I think of looking for Shangri-La, I will still be there to meditate. See a star, let me have the reason to go home. Just every time dark clouds. As you said at that time, every sad, do not let go of their own days. So look at the blurred sky with a daze, it would be better to close your eyes. At that time, I seemed to smell the waves of green apple that did not belong here, the lips of the tongue, and the warmth of the warmth of the cheeks.

Since then, I do not believe that Shangri-La is a place, but it is a touch and feel.

So, where is my Shangri-La?

If a dream is close to the perfect place called Shangri-La, then belong to my Shangri-La must be that I often say the cave, so I will always live there. Cave only need to give me self-sufficient nutrition, enough to let me live to the age of death.

I thought the world was big, so a cave should be easy to find, but on that day I was still wandering in the city.

Who is my Shangri-La?

In fact, I can have been a person, living in this no one cave. But there are a lot of people, want to live with me through my life. Has been struggling, because I do not want to face the loss of uncomfortable. So it has been a person, may be flippable Enron.

Had met him, said to take me to Tainan to open a coffee shop and then a lifetime nest in the fight room. The cave is very good, but the people are a little more, and finally out of a he, this cave from the same as white smoke disappeared.

And later met another one, said to take me to the mountains, raising a yellow and white kitten, kind of a rose. And later found that kitten caught me a few bloodstains, and I do not like flowers. So I decided to leave, always, I just want to find a cave, do not want blood flow into the river stone stream.

Until later redefined the other he, actually heard in his mouth that once said in your mouth, suddenly aroused a lot of memory. In fact, you have said before, I think the earth only one of you will say such a thing. The original sweet production, not just with you and equate. On the other side of the white paper, there is another name.

My Shangri-La, probably no need to build by whom. If you find your Shangri-La and my no different, it is enough to let me have the courage to die one day you want to die.


In fact, this series of production, with a little bit of timing is not consistent. But coincidentally able to review my years of life and feelings.

Sometimes the text is not a mistake, but some mistakes do not need to correct, because people who understand will naturally understand. This moment I close my eyes, will think of that belongs to my Shangri-La, and I am very clear that my Shangri-La is also your Shangri-La. There is a small unit in Hong Kong Island, there is not much room in the white space; the wall hanging on a Paris pagoda puzzle, a box of strawberry flavored triangular chocolate, filled with aterlier cologne perfume taste.
Origin / manufacturing method
Place of origin Hong Kong handmade


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