TIDY Purse Organize your wallet Self-growth L-shaped zipper wallet finished in all leather Name insert Navy HAW009

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TIDY Purse Organize your wallet Self-growth L-shaped zipper wallet finished in all leather Name insert Navy HAW009


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_KPzdBlheI&feature=emb_title <1 point 1 point, with all my heart from our own workshop> Tradition x innovation "TIDY" which achieved record support by crowdfunding Made in Japan genuine leather wallet incorporating the interior design \ We received a lot of support both at home and abroad / "Organized L-shaped wallet TIDY" Achieved over 66,862,230 yen Crowdfunding total funding (as of November 2019) https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/TIDY/tidypagecf01.jpg □ About the product A wallet that is easy to use. It opens wide so you can see what is there at a glance You can put in and take out cards and bills without stress. Furthermore, by making a bill partition, for those who want to sort bills it's recommended. https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/TIDY/tidy_color08.jpg Eliminate the four major stresses of your wallet Have you ever been stressed by the wallet you are casually using? #Stress 01. It swells and looks awkward #Stress 02. Difficult to take out, fluttering even in front of the cash register #Stress 03. Use it and make it tattered #Stress 04. I'm tired of it https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/TIDY/tidy001.jpg # 01. Smart appearance even when stored https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/TIDY/shuno.gif When you buy a new wallet, even if you sort out the contents and replace it at first, it will swell more and more over time and the capacity will be insufficient. There should be many people who have such experience. As a result, it affects the appearance and makes it look bad. "TIDY" has a calculated interior design, and even if you store a lot, it keeps a smart appearance when the zipper is closed. # 02. It opens wide and can be taken out quickly https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/TIDY/shiharai.gif A wallet that you can take out many times a day at convenience stores and supermarkets. In a messy state, it always takes time to find a card at the time of checkout. Anyone can be good at storing "TIDY" You can see at a glance what is where when you open it, and you can make speedy payments even before the check-in. "Partition" bill storage https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/TIDY/shikiri.gif By making the bill storage space, which was a major cause of sluggishness, a "partition", the stress of management and loading and unloading has been eliminated. The biggest feature is the interior, which is designed with a focus on the layout and space that is really necessary, without being bound by common sense. https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/TIDY/tidy_naisou.jpg # 03. Leather whose scratches disappear when rubbed? https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/TIDY/kizu.gif Leather used "Pull-up leather" that you can enjoy change Leather that has been soaked in plenty of oil when tanned, and the color of the leather changes as the oil contained moves. The oil inside moves depending on how you touch it with Pull Up. The matte texture makes the fabric easily scratched at first, but it has the characteristic that the scratches disappear when rubbed with a finger or cloth. By repeating such changes, the leather is finished so that it is easy to "age", which is one of the pleasures of leather. "TIDY" is not the most attractive new item, but by using it, it will grow to the best finish just for you. # 04. Standard that never gets tired https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/TIDY/color.gif I want you to use it habitually for a long time. With that in mind, we have created a simple design. The color variations that can be selected for unisex can be used without discomfort even in the business scene. Aging Enjoy aging unique to genuine leather https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/TIDY/miraitidymini013.jpg https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/TIDY/miraitidymini014.jpg The more you use "TIDY", the more glossy it becomes and the softer it becomes. Fascinated by its unique texture and color change, it has become like a companion over the years. Style Image Simple design that can be used for unisex https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/TIDY/tidy003.jpg https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/TIDY/tidystyle03.JPG https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/TIDY/tidystyle01.JPG https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/TIDY/tidystyle04.JPG https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/TIDY/tidystyle02.JPG Size / Spec Size / specifications https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/TIDY/tidy_spec001.jpg https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/allleather_long/leatherattention.jpg ■ color Choco https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/NPyBL6M7 Camel https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/7zwqrc9S Black https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/hcr46DHj Wine red https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/5JEzU6Xd Red https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/QMLPpFaT Navy https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/CqYZnDxW Dark green https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/Yd3yNLpb Umber https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/f9TxFY6i VT-beige https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/X9bz7g2W VT-Camel https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/5DN9E2mZ Moss https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/Gq4u3CME □ Size (Approximately) W20.0 × H10.5 × D2.3cm □ Weight (Approximately) 200g □ Specifications 15 card pockets There is a wallet partition With coin purse (no partition) YKK fasteners https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/TIDY/tidy_kokuin001.jpg ■ Name stamp * Up to 10 characters This product is compatible with the name engraving option (charged). If you wish, please purchase the option together from this URL. https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/5cQBk232 https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/catepage/wrap_ms01.jpg □ Gift wrap This item supports gift wrapping (charged). How about a gift for your loved one? https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/Js9D9NeS


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