Wearing a Happy Ornamented Rice Ear Series - 永相守

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Mother's hair comb. French comb using Mizhu. Crystal. Rhinestones and imported copper wire to reverse the production



1 - 3 วัน
1 - 3 วัน
Wearing a Happy Ornamented Rice Ear Series - 永相守


Cash.b (optional snails) The richer the ear of rice, the lower the head will hang There is a very proper saying in the folk: "The head of rice is the ear of rice, and the head of the head is the rice dumpling." The more mature and full the ear of rice, the lower the head hangs. Only those who are blind will be swaggering and will always lift their heads high. When you are humble, you can see the good of others; when you are grateful, you will understand that you have nothing; when modesty and thanksgiving are combined into one kind of wisdom, you will know how to bend over, and you know you must learn more. Remember, when you bend over and understand that you have nothing, you have more space to get more, so when you learn to learn and know how to bend, you have overcome others. Rice Ear Bridal Comb Series - is to thank parents for their parenting for many years.. Thank you for your selfless dedication over the years, loving care and guidance. Teach us to know how to bend over and thank at all times.. European style bride's hand made bridal headdress It is based on the more detailed twisting of copper wire. Allows the headdress to feel elegant and light Different pearls present a rich, three-dimensional hierarchy Wear jewelry on the shape. Even more vivid With lines. Hairline. Perfectly integrated Cash.b - The concept of the hand made snails No matter what materials are used or what tools are used, Through the creator’s ideas, ideas, using his hands’s instincts, The hand-made temperature is unmatched by the exquisite products that any machine suppresses. So, I started with making bridal head ornaments. All the way hand-made styling head jewelry / lace beaded embroidery hair accessories / daily hair accessories necessary to ... Handcrafting has gradually become a way of life and spiritual practice. In the most primitive and purest link between hands and creations, To feel and reap the vitality that is shielded by standardized, automated production. This is why the charm of "handmade" is so fascinating! Because anyone wants to have a warm heart All the products are originally thought by the designer himself and the design is original. Manual goods take a few hours. The manual is extremely complicated. Each item is my unique baby. Hand-created goods show unique value! Just as we are rich, unique soul beauty can't be replaced Also like this you do not like to quickly choose the best accessories! Use and maintenance tips ! Please wipe it with silver cloth after wearing to keep the gloss of the jewelry, avoid deterioration of jewelry, oxidation, sweat, stains wipe clean and store well ! Use clip chain pouches during storage to reduce air contact and extend metal retention life ! When wearing a dress, it is recommended that the jewelry be worn last ! Hand-made headdresses all use Czech crystal shine. Do not use acrylic! Handmade jewelry is delicate and fragile. Treat it softly and do not pull it. Damage and shedding can cause unrecoverable Made in Taiwan handmade


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