A little drunk - coffee rattan jam / sauce

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A little drunk - coffee rattan jam / sauce


▎ coffee latte
Coffee is an addictive drink,
Coffee is also fascinating,
Often through the coffee shop, smell the aroma, do not consciously want a cup!
This time let you change the way to taste coffee,
After opening the bottle, the aroma of coffee, is not cheating people,
Use the classic gold mantine PWN manor coffee beans,
Catch the French cream,
Taste, just like a latte,
Bitter coffee, a touch of milk,
And finally, stay in the mouth is coffee fragrant.
Do you love coffee Re-meet with coffee, talk about a love!

130G ± 5

Taiwan fresh milk, French cream, classic gold Mentine PWN manor coffee beans, no bleached rock sugar

【Duration, method】
Jam Unopened: Place the shade for about three months.
Jam is not open: Please keep it for about three months.
Fruit / wiping sauce after opening: Please save cold and eat in a month finished.
Save method: Please use a clean and dry tableware dug to prevent deterioration.
Recommendation: fresh ingredients produced, no added preservatives, plus sugar has reduced,
Or recommended fresh as soon as possible finished eating.

【Fine handy jam
The creation of a little drunk in mind, not much great volunteer,
Because there is no way to drive around to visit small farmers,
But everyone is serious in order to live at work,
Whether it is small farmers or food market trafficking people,
The final choice in the local market to pick fruit also with everyone Bo feelings,
Not a specialist origin, relying on self-study to study, each from the most basic start,
The same as the study, put together a little taste of the smell of pork sauce,
I believe we will like this taste, because here the first more than a simple,
No extra ingredients, is a simple ingredients made up together.
Selection of Taiwan local fresh fruit, ingredients,
IQF technology frozen imported berry, Japanese tea powder,
Plus no bleach rock candy, sugar stains slowly boil purely fruit jam,
The process does not add a drop of water or any chemical composition,
This is what we have been looking for the most simple taste,
Taste the simplest pure jam together.

Fruit / wiping sauce are pre-purchase the way, so you taste fresh fruit / sauce, thanks patiently waiting!
Origin / manufacturing method
Taiwan handmade


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