Brut Cake - Full Body Canvas Pocket Apron (1) Suitable for both kitchen and staff work

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Brut Cake's full-body canvas pocket apron is made of durable and sturdy canvas, adorned with hand-woven woven fabric, wear-resistant and washable, and the surface can be touched with a special sense of simplicity. The multi-pocket design and storage fu


Brut Cake

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Brut Cake - Full Body Canvas Pocket Apron (1) Suitable for both kitchen and staff work


[ brand introduction] Brut Cake is a brand created by Taiwanese artist Nicole Teng in Shanghai, covering commodities, art, and most importantly, life. Brut is French, taken from the artistic style Art Brut (original art), emphasizing originality, rough and rough, with warmth and emotions; Cake means happiness and sweetness. We hope to touch more people with the work made by both hands, so that the essence of each material can be touched and cherished. [Specifications] Dimensions: Height 77 cm x Upper width 25 cm Lower width 63 cm Chest canvas pocket: 16 cm long x 10 cm wide Waist canvas pocket: 30 cm x 18 cm wide (divided into left and right sides) Belt length: 138 cm on one side 100% cotton [ Features] The durable and versatile canvas is mainly composed of pure hand-woven textile, which is wear-resistant and washable, and the surface can touch a special sense of simplicity. The front of the washable canvas pocket, Small objects can be placed on the blue wash canvas pocket on the upper side. The washed canvas pockets below are sewn into the left and right sides. The storage function is good, the things will not be messed up, and a small old pocket is sewed outside for easy pen insertion. Through the ring-type binding method, the belt can be tied directly or after the back, which is convenient for fixing, and the apron is not easy to fall off. [Material / Design] Brut Cake's fabric goods are mostly made of earthen cloth in the Jiangnan area of China, which is handmade old cloth. The age of the cloth is at least 20 years old, and each piece is antique fabric. In the early years, people collected natural cotton, and after 72 complicated labors and hand-made textiles, they created the tough, durable and rustic beauty that old-fashioned cloth can have. Brut Cake produces only a few items; insists on the simplest and most practical design, so that the beauty of the cloth is directly presented, no noise, only the straight and horizontal textile lines show a restrained beauty. Tubu is no longer produced, so when we are making goods, we cherish the fabric. The essence of the material, the touch of the original texture, is the most important thing for Brut Cake. And when you hand over the surface of the ancient fabric, you will be able to feel its simple and simple hand touch and special atmosphere, which is not available in general printed fabrics. [ other instructions] 1. Every piece of fabric is not repeated, and the width of the cloth is very small, so all the colors are limited to a small amount. Please don't hesitate to see it. 2. Some of the ancient cloths on the ancient cloths have small thread ends when they are hand-woven. It is not awkward. If you are unacceptable, please do not buy them. 3. In terms of washing, because of the manual weaving, some products will have some slight water when they are washed for the first time. After washing, the cloth can be restored to level. Dark blue fabric will be slightly faded. After the soil cloth is washed several times, it will become softer, and the more the washing feels, the better. 4. A small number of earthen cloths have old traces of age, but the fabric is still tough and beautiful. We use some of the materials for cherished materials, and we hope to get recognition from all of you. 5. The color of each computer screen display is different, mainly based on the actual color. If you can't accept the slight error of the color, please do not buy it. Origin / manufacturing methods Shanghai / handmade


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