WAGA Dialect Blue Ore Bone China Disc 20cm / 25.5cm

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The original natural texture design embodies the unparalleled modern aesthetics. The change of natural texture will become the most beautiful scenery on your dining table.



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WAGA Dialect Blue Ore Bone China Disc 20cm / 25.5cm


**-The original natural texture design embodies the unparalleled modern aesthetics.** **-The natural patterns in this series are all taken from natural elements, such as mountain edges, water patterns, leaf veins, etc., which are both unique and full of poetry.** **-The change of natural texture will become the most beautiful scenery on your dining table.** https://wuz.com.tw/images/841/22841_album_2_5eaa6e1dc2a29.jpg https://wuz.com.tw/images/841/22841_album_3_5eaa6e1dc2a29.jpg https://wuz.com.tw/images/855/22855_album_3_5eaa7c27d479b.jpg https://wuz.com.tw/images/841/22841_album_4_5eaa6e1dc2a29.jpg https://wuz.com.tw/images/841/22841_album_5_5eaa6e1dc2a29.jpg Low-temperature biscuit firing, high-temperature glaze firing, it is a second-fired bone china with light and firm texture. https://wuz.com.tw/images/841/22841_album_6_5eaa6e1dc2a29.jpg https://wuz.com.tw/images/841/22841_album_7_5eaa6e1dc2a29.jpg The original design paper is colored and fired in the way of in-glaze color, please rest assured to use it. It can be used with this series of products to make the dishes more flexible. This series has "ten colors" for consumers to choose from. Like mountains and rivers, like flowing water, like ocean, like tide bank, like rock veins, like soil, like atmosphere, like clouds and mist, the Diyu series of tableware captures the environmental fragments and texture impressions in nature, and reproduces them to create A series of original earth imaginations that seem familiar but full of abstract poetry. "Diyu" is the latest bone china tableware design published by WAGA brand in 2018. The creative concept is inspired by the growing concern of global food culture ecology for environmental friendliness. WAGA cuts in from the perspective of table aesthetics, transforming the abstract beauty of the natural earth into daily utensils, hoping to make the table an extended imagination of the earth. In addition to considering the role of tableware as the aesthetics of the dishes in the design and application, it is also hoped that users can listen to the beauty of the earth in daily life. 【Product specifications】 Diameter: 20cm / 25.5cm Height: 2cm / 2.5cm Weight: 275g / 575g 【Precautions】 1. Please wash before the first use. 2. The color of the product image file will vary from personal computer screen to the actual product. 3. If the product occasionally has small pores, flow glaze and other hand-made traces, it is caused by the craftsman's hand-made process, which is a normal phenomenon and not a defect. 【Scope of application】 Do not expose to direct fire sources or near rapid temperature changes. 【Cleaning method】 1. Avoid using steel brushes to clean, which can prolong the appearance and service life of the product. 2. It can be used in dishwashers and dishwashers. (If there are patterns and metal decorative lace styles, avoid using the dishwasher to avoid scratches) 3. If there is dirt that cannot be removed, use "baking soda powder or neutral detergent" to clean it.


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