Alfalfa Cliff Honey Cleanser 100ml

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No chemical surfactants, fine, micro-foaming and balanced pH Scavenging the precursor of free radicals-the oxides on the face, the more you wash, the more elastic A tiny amount can take away excess sebum without breaking the weak acid protective film Suitable for all skins, especially vinasse, oil acne, dry skin



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Alfalfa Cliff Honey Cleanser 100ml


It's very different from the "clean" feeling of the facial cleanser, that's right! It does not interfere with the delicate ecology of the skin, nor does it wash the unique weak acid protective film, but there is no danger of clogging particles due to uncleanness. What really needs to be removed is the oxide on the face, so that the more you wash it, the more elastic and shiny it is. See the article for details. Start by removing excess oil and wash your face properly to reduce the destruction of the stratum corneum! Abandon the interface active agent, choose the mild African black soap that can improve dermatitis, with the high-active plant extracts extracted from our own, and a variety of fatty acids that are beneficial to the skin to create a fine-textured, micro-foaming pH-balanced formula that easily removes dirt and bacteria And "excess" grease and balance it. While gently cleansing, it leaves skin with a moist touch and delicate texture. A variety of unique vanilla plants with comprehensive anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties calm sensitive skin, regenerate cells, regenerate delicate new skin, and do not wash the face or interfere with the skin's barrier function. For details, see the three myths "Removal and washing is the key to maintenance? The whole plant extracts of Chrysanthemum, Fucus, and Millet grass are rich in nicotine amide (vitamin B3), which can repair the skin barrier; dandelion, rosemary, and turmeric rich in vitamin C can effectively antioxidant. Only a small amount can be cleaned properly without leaving the skin dry. The essential oils of rosemary, ylang ylang and eucalyptus exude a soothing and healing natural scent, which feels refreshing in the morning, and relieves you from the hard work and fatigue of the day at night. It can be used as a morning facial cleanser, a one-time removal at night, or a secondary cleansing for heavy makeup (pure oil is recommended for the first time) In any case, I sincerely recommend a cleansing of the face. Suitable for all skin types, including vinasse, oil acne, dry skin, etc. Josh Rosebrook insists on three major brands, allowing you to feel at ease using and experiencing top-level healing: 1. Natural antiseptic mechanism (because the product contains water, organic aloe vera liquid and vegetable oil, an effective antiseptic mechanism is required): only potassium sorbate, which can be easily metabolized and biodegraded by the human body, is used, and the water in the product contains organic plant vitamins and antioxidants. Oxide, effectively inhibit product deterioration and prolong the service life. This is the most effective, non-toxic and extensive anti-corrosion mechanism to ensure product safety and stable quality. 2. Without any animal experiments. 3. Do not add controversial ingredients: Although some ingredients are not banned, they have been proven harmful to the human body, including sulfates, paraben, synthetic flavors, artificial colors, silica, petrochemical products, and genetically modified crops, etc. Josh Rosebrook will be rejected . How to use: After the whole face is wet, take a small amount of gestures and massage on the facial skin. Let the product stay on the face for about one minute to help the active ingredients fully penetrate the skin and achieve a gentle exfoliation effect. Finally, rinse with warm water and gently pat dry. Shelf life: 18 months. Please use it as soon as possible after opening. Precautions: Be sure to store in a dry and cool place. If you feel unwell or allergic, please stop using it or consult a physician.


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