Lubar slowly weaves white moonlight metal weave (Moonlight Elf)

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Hand-woven and made with the theme of elves. The gem [White Moonstone] is mainly produced in Sri Lanka. Moonstone is considered to be related to the Moon Goddess and can bring happiness and longevity to people.



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Lubar slowly weaves white moonlight metal weave (Moonlight Elf)


Moonlight Elf) Moonstone is a kind of gemstone. When white light shines on the stone, white or light blue light can be seen on the stone. This kind of light is especially like the light emitted by the moon, hence the name moonstone. Moonstone, as a stone with energy, is loved by people. Moonstone is known as the "Lover's Stone". Everyone believes that this stone can bring good luck, stir up inner ripples, and arouse people's love for love. Moonstone can also improve emotional intelligence, prevent cancer and change the aura of girls. Moonstone is usually colorless to white, but it can also be light yellow, orange to light brown, blue gray or green, transparent or translucent, and has a special moonlight effect, hence its name. This is because the layered cryptocrystals of the two feldspars intersect each other in parallel, and the slight difference in refractive index scatters visible light. When there are cleavage planes, interference or diffraction may be accompanied. The comprehensive effect of feldspar on light makes the surface of feldspar Produce a blue floating light. If the layer is thick, off-white is produced. Moonstone is called "Lover's Stone", a symbol of friendship and love, and the best gift for loved ones. In the United States, Indians regard moonstone as a "sacred stone", a commemorative gem for the thirteenth anniversary of their marriage. For girls, long-term wearing of moonstone can improve the temperament from the inside to the outside, making the manner elegant and calm. At the same time, the moonstone is also the birthstone of June, symbolizing health, wealth and longevity. The effect of moonstone Moonstone belongs to the monoclinic crystal system and possesses meticulous energy, which can help the wearer to deal with the inner, so that people can obtain inner peace and harmony. Stabilize mood The monoclinic healing stone has meticulous energy to help replenish energy, assist in dealing with internal problems, deal with trauma, and make the heart calm and stable, and soothe restlessness. Physiological function Moonstone has a large amount of potassium, which makes people full of energy. Potassium can also help metabolize fat and maintain body shape. Women can help relieve gynecological problems. Peach blossom Both men and women can wear moonstones, which can make people show their own beauty, enhance their own charm, and start their own love 🌸 Moonlight Elf Knitted Necklace (with Chinese knotted rope twist chain) Main Stone: White Moonstone Size: 45x20x10mm Material: American imported artistic copper wire (silver-plated anti-oxidation protective film), 925 silver round beads ⭕️Material description of metal wire The current weaving works are all made of imported artistic copper wire, and the metal wire material is Copper, color plating and protective film on the outer layer, do not wash or rub hard Wipe, do not wear bathing, swimming, exercise, if it is dirty, use it Wipe with glasses cloth or soft cloth slightly. It is recommended to put it on when not in use. Prevent oxidation and fading in the box. ⭕️Natural stone description The gems used in all works are natural stones, and each natural stone has a pattern All are unique and each has its own characteristics, so the natural stone interior will be somewhat There are natural textures and pores, ice cracks, black spots or impurities. ⭕️If you have any questions, please ask more before buying, thank you. ⭕️Maintenance ● Avoid contact with perfume, lotion, chemicals, etc. ● Do not wear it when bathing, swimming, hot springs, or sweating a lot ● When not wearing it, please put the jewelry in a zipper bag to keep it away from air and moisture to prevent rapid oxidation ⭕️Little reminder ● The products are all taken in kind, and the color performance of each display is different. It is inevitable that there will be a slight color difference. The actual product received shall prevail


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