LuminAID PackLite Spectra USB Rechargeable Rainbow Solar

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• 9 different color settings • 8 distinct color shades and a gradual colorful light source • LED lighting time can be up


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LuminAID PackLite Spectra USB Rechargeable Rainbow Solar

รายละเอียดสินค้า The red switch button performs the next setting each time it is pressed. Available in 9 different color settings, including: 8 distinct color schemes, original white LED lighting, and rainbow color gradation, and a gradual color change source. Can maintain 12 hours of LED lighting. Direct sunlight charging can be completed in 7 hours. Adjustable sling and buckle High performance ~19% monocrystalline solar panel. The lithium-ion polymer battery was recharged enough to reach 500 times. The waterproof function reaches the depth within one meter of the water surface and can also float on the water surface, which is certified to the international protection level of one meter (IPX7). This product is 100% PVC-free, and all parts are lead-free, and the International Motor and Electronic Products are prohibited from using the Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS). Solar amphibious rainbow light aid lanterns, colorful and varied, both light and easy to store, easy to stretch, just twist and open to become a light portable lantern (camping light). Safe, durable and easy to carry, the light and cute shape is best suited for occasions that adorn the banquet party, which illuminates a festive atmosphere and creates a colorful visual atmosphere for the home environment. It provides up to 12 hours of stable and continuous LED light source, 9 color conversion settings, colorful light sources including LED white and rainbow levels, and a gradual colorful light source. This Rainbow Light Aid Lantern is equipped with 12 bright LED lights that can be quickly recharged in just 7 hours of direct sunlight. The newly designed twist-pressure storage function, in your rushed journey, its easy-to-collect maneuverability is unmistakable; the adjustable sling makes it easier for you to hang around and charge at any time, or easily hang in the tent For lighting. The body is made of a durable and weather-resistant TPU that is 100% free of any PVC. Product specifications Dimensions: width 12cm x length 12cm x height 3cm (not inflated) Width 12cm x Length 12cm x 12cm (inflatable) Weight: 198g Operating temperature: -20 ° C ~ 60 ° C Material: TPU, lithium ion polymer battery, single crystal solar panel Place of Origin: American Design, Continental OEM Assembly Instructions for use 1. Charging: Please charge directly under outdoor sunlight for 7 hours. Please turn off the light-on lamp bag/lantern light when charging. When the red charging indicator lights up, it indicates that it is in the best state of charge. 2. Inflation: Please gently pinch or lightly bite the valve part, then blow or inhale into the light aid lamp bag/lantern to expand and expand. 3. Lighting: Please press the red switch button to perform the light setting, in turn turn on the light, select the brightness, and turn off the light. 4. Applicable to any environment/ occasion: The solar light (light) series products are all-weather lamps, not only floating on the water surface, but also highly waterproof, and meet the international protection level of one meter of water resistance (IPX7). common problem How to inflate my light aid lamp bag/lantern? The solar amphibious light-assist light bag uses a high-quality valve-type valve device to keep the internal air from flowing out. When preparing to blow or inhale, simply bite the mouth with your mouth or pinch the bottom of the valve to make the valve open for easy air ingress. After a period of use, the air valve becomes softer and more elastic, making it easier to inflate. Solar amphibious light aid lanterns and rainbow light aid lanterns are all equipped with a new air valve device with a twist-type storage function. Simply twist the lamp and slowly extend it to allow the air to naturally enter the interior. Then use the air valve to blow in or into the air to inflate the lamp until it is fully full. How to adjust the brightness setting of my light aid lamp bag/lantern, turn the light on or off? Each solar-powered light product has a red switch button underneath the solar panel. Press this button to turn on the light, press to select different brightness settings, and then press to turn off the light. Intimately design the button surface as a sink button to ensure that your light-assisted light bag/lantern will not lose power due to accidental touch. What temperature range is my light aid lamp/lantern suitable for? Every solar light-receiving lamp product has passed the inspection test. The most suitable temperature range for operation is between -20 ° C and 60 ° C. The most ideal storage temperature range is between 15 ° C and 20 ° C. How to charge my light aid lamp bag/lantern? Before charging, please make sure that the light of your light-receiving light bag/lantern is turned off, then place the solar panel face up and place it in the place where the sunlight can be directly exposed for about 7 hours to ensure that the battery is fully charged. When the light has been turned off and the solar panel is absorbing sunlight, the charging indicator set under the switch button will display a red light indicating that it is charging. The solar amphibious light-assist light bag is additionally equipped with a green indicator light. When the battery is full, it will display green light to remind you that the charging has been completed! At present, only the latest light-receiving light bag has this feature. How long does it take for my light-assisted light bag/lantern to be fully charged? All solar-powered light products are equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery, which is the type of battery that is commonly used in most mobile phone brands. When fully charged, this battery not only maintains most of the internal power, but even supplies light when the collection is turned back on for more than a year. But like any rechargeable battery, it doesn't take a while to leave a small amount of power. In order to ensure that the battery product is still in the best state of sufficient power when you need to use it, it is recommended that you fill the lamp at least once in the direct sunlight of the lamp every 6~8 months. Why does my light aid lamp bag/lantern need to be inflated? The solar light aid lamp applies for the patented LED inflatable light bag/lantern design, which can make the product become a light and easy to carry lantern shape, which makes it easy to flatten the storage and charging, and more can be extended to become the main body of the lamp, which will be bright and eye-catching. The LED light source diffuses gently to create a soft, visual atmosphere. What material is my light aid lamp/lantern made of? The light-resistant lamp bag/lantern is made of the following components: TPU -- a safe, environmentally friendly, sustainable material, 100% PVC-free or phthalate-free; a high-performance single-crystal solar panel; a lithium ion Lithium-ion polymer battery.


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