/Valentine's Day Gift Box/Spring Essential Oil Pair Fragrance and Rose Durando Essential Oil Soy Candle

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With the brand's classic scent "Princess Durando", the spring rose version of "Rose Durando", paired with the spring calm floral fragrance "The Years of Peace", the rich and steady neutral fragrance "Vanilla Amber" paired fragrance, enjoy the Valentine's Day gift box The special offer is the best combination to


Noir by Phoenix

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/Valentine's Day Gift Box/Spring Essential Oil Pair Fragrance and Rose Durando Essential Oil Soy Candle


/Valentine's Day Gift Box/Spring Essential Oil Pair Fragrance Group + Rose Durando Essential Oil Soy Candle NT$ 1580 With the brand's classic scent "Princess Durando", the spring rose version of "Rose Durando", paired with the spring calm floral fragrance "The Years of Peace", the rich and steady neutral fragrance "Vanilla Amber" paired fragrance, enjoy the Valentine's Day gift box The special offer is the best combination to experience the delicate scent of essential oils and spend the romantic season together with your lover. Years of Peace Essential Oil Day Perfume https://www.pinkoi.com/product/9GGjHAej Vanilla Amber Essential Oil Day Perfume https://www.pinkoi.com/product/4EFip925 Rose Durando Essential Oil Soy Candle https://www.pinkoi.com/product/gT9f4ZD8 "Noir by Phoenix" Noir is a feminine word in French, meaning black, and often refers to movies and novels that are not intended to please people. Noir by Phoenix is the Black label branch line clothing brand of designer women's Phoenix Yang, Just like a black classical short story, with deep and shallow brushstrokes, it outlines an uncritical feminine space. "Noir Fragrance Life Series" #Black Witch Fragrance The brand fragrance insists on the use of natural essential oils to modulate, inheriting the life energy contained in nature, Tell the memory of each breath, and savor its levels and changes. The fragrance life series looks forward to using the essence of nature, Calmly heals the heart, nourishes the skin, and gives a sensory experience of body and mind dialogue. The fragrance is designed according to the season's needs, and each fragrance is only available in a small amount, and new fragrances are released every season. The style is neutral and elegant, highlighting the distinctive personality and temperament. The whole series has no added chemical fixatives to protect physical and mental health. With carefully selected high-quality soybean wax and base oil raw materials, the texture is moist and not greasy. —Recommended timing and method of use— [Morning commute: essential oil day perfume, essential oil balm] The fragrance design of the Japanese perfume series focuses on expressing the positive energy contained in essential oils with fresh fragrances, improving concentration and execution. The balm series have better fragrance holding power and are suitable for busy days when there is no time to replenish fragrance and need to calm the mood. [Afternoon break: essential oil balm] Use the balm to do a simple shoulder, neck and temple massage, and take a short rest time to taste the layered aroma changes of the balm to relieve fatigue and stabilize mood. When dipping the balm, it is recommended to draw circles on the surface of the balm with your fingers to make the balm melt a little so that the essential oil can be more prominent. [Evening/Activity: Essential oil night perfume, essential oil fragrance spray] The night perfume fragrance is slightly richer, warm and soothing at the same time, suitable for more formal occasions, parties after get off work, or to enjoy one's daily time off work and relieve the tension of the day. Fragrance spray can increase the comfortable atmosphere of the environment, and can remove the odor contaminated on the fabric after the meal. It can be used in curtains, clothing, carpets, toilets, cars and other spaces, or as a pillow spray. [Maintenance at home/before bedtime: maintenance of essential oil soy candles, essential oil soaps] The special scent of soy candle products can help calm the nerves and relax, soothe the nerves and help sleep. It is suitable for use at the end of a busy day, when you go home and rest, light a candle, get along with yourself, and enjoy the warm moment of repairing your body and mind. Cover the lid directly before going to bed and turn off the heat. You can take a small amount of wax oil as finger edge oil and moisturizing oil, and apply it to the finger edge, hands, elbows, ankles and other dry skin to feel the healing and conditioning before going to bed. Night essential oil repairs and nourishes. Essential oil soap increases the aroma sensory experience during the daily shower, completes simple essential oil care, nourishes and nourishes the skin, relieves dry itching, and makes the body exude a natural fragrance. [Holiday/Relaxation Time: Essential Oil Bathing Flower Salt, Essential Oil Massage Oil]-Coming Soon During the good time on vacation, the most suitable essential oil bath and essential oil massage for meditation and relaxation, to reorganize your inner and physical state, Noir essential oil bath salt and massage oil series scents focus on the intriguing deep texture that helps relax your thoughts and relieve While under pressure, it is more suitable for dialogue with the soul. [Travel/Business trip: essential oil balm, essential oil soap tablet]-Coming Soon The balm and soap tablets are designed to be easy to carry. You can restore your inner balance through simple massage and bathing in a busy business trip and unfamiliar environment. *All series are prepared with natural essential oils, please avoid direct sunlight when storing the products.* *Pregnant women, children, the elderly, and patients with faba bean disease should use caution * *Due to the surrounding temperature change and the difference in lipophilicity/hydrophilicity of the essential oil itself, the solution in the diffuser bottle is normal if there is stratification.* —Customized services for increasing capacity and fragrance conversion items— Increased capacity: can be used as soy candle 195g, essential oil perfume 20ml Fragrance conversion items: Perfume -> Perfume, Perfume -> Candle, Perfume -> Perfume, Candle -> Perfume, Perfume -> Bath Flower Salt, Candle -> Soap, Perfume -> Soap *For ordering customized fragrance products, please contact Noir team via message or email to discuss in detail* —Noir Environmental Friendly Principle — In order to protect the environment and cherish raw material resources and avoid excessive production, Noir series products adopt the principle of limited spot production and encourage the purchase of Noir series in the form of pre-order. If the stock is sold out, you can [single pre-order to enjoy 10% off], or occasionally [unitary pre-order to enjoy 15% off]. The detailed shipping schedule is as follows: [Spot item] Shipment will be completed within 3 working days from the next day after the order is paid (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays) [Single pre-order item] The production and shipment will be completed within 7 working days from the next day after the payment is completed (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays) [Unified pre-order items] The production and shipment will be completed within 10 working days from the day after the pre-order deadline. Please wait patiently. —Terms Before You Buy— Placing an order is deemed to agree to Noir's terms and conditions and return policy, please read it carefully before purchasing. Because the Noir series is sold in limited stock, please place your order within 3 days after the purchase of [spot] and [single-piece pre-order]. [Unified pre-order] will complete the remittance before the announcement deadline. Overdue will be deemed abandoned. Your order will be Please forgive me for cancellation. The color of the single product is slightly different due to the different screen displays used by each person. The products are subject to the actual product. If you mind, please do not subscribe. If you have any questions about the product, it is recommended to ask before placing an order to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. After receiving the single product, please keep the original packaging bag, single product tag and contents (accessories, event gifts, invoices and original orders, etc.) to avoid failure to handle the return. Terms: Restocking takes 7-30 working days (excluding weekends and national holidays. Payment should be made no less than 3 days after an order has been placed. During the purchasing period, all payments should be made before the date we stop taking orders, else the order placed will be considered void. Confirm your item before placing the order . By placing an order, you hereby agree with the rules and conditions listed. Refunds with the following reason will not be processed: Personal reason, color difference (color displayed on the screen varies slightly between different devices), slight loose threads, odor of clothes (new clothes will have some odor coming from the fabric which will be gone after washing and drying), different color thread ( shorter than 0.2 mm), or unopened buttonholes. Above are all acceptable for quality checks and will not be regarded as defects.


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