New Super Multifunctional Seven Game Machine (8 months -)

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Introduce things that are dangerous or should not be touched into the toy, so as to reduce the occurrence of the baby



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New Super Multifunctional Seven Game Machine (8 months -)

รายละเอียดสินค้า People-New Super Multifunctional Seven Game Machine Many counterfeit goods on the market and on auction websites, please be careful about consumers. \ Taiwan exclusive distributor, Japan original company goods, product security is guaranteed -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------ When expecting your baby to become a "smart child," you shouldn't be eager to teach education. It is the right way for the baby to enjoy playing around life and attract the attention of the baby and the things that interest him. Why? Because before the age of 3, it was a golden period to cultivate baby curiosity and learning willpower. Think of danger, things that should not be touched, and babies are often full of interest. In response to this, we launched the "Super Multi-functional Game Console" so that you can also have a leisurely education! If we had such a toy when we were young, maybe we have won the Nobel Prize!!!! ------------------- Naughty baby super love to play big collection of life! Seven-sided game consoles, full of acousto-optic effects, introduce toys that are dangerous or should not be touched, thereby reducing the chance for your baby to play in kind! ◎ Face Paper: Pull out the face paper and roll it back when you let it go. With it, the full face of the house can be solved. ◎Salad dressing: The appearance and the touch are just like the real product! When squeezed, the soft Ume juice will run out. ◎ Washbasin faucet: It will emit light and it will send a buzzing sound of water! ◎LCD TV: Pressing the screen will emit light and sound and melody. ◎ DVD tray: Press the button and the DVD tray will pop up. ◎Plug and socket: You can rest assured that your baby is inserted and pulled out repeatedly~ ◎Remote Control: Press the three buttons below, press the news, advertisements and other programs melody ( ~ (number keys can be pressed but no sound) ◎Mom's glasses: When you pull the glasses, different dialogues and melody will be issued! “It hurts!” “Can't you!” “Hate it!” ◎Mother's Necklace: When you hold the baby in front, your baby is always curious about your mother's necklace ~ Lala sees different dialogues and melody. ◎ Door, doorbell and key: After inserting the key, the door will open. There are 4 different types of dialogues! ----------------- ※Product Specifications※ Brand country: Japan Manufacturer: People Corporation Material: body-ABS resin Application: more than 8 months Place of Origin: Made in China -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------ ※Reminder※ PEOPLE company's toys, the same paragraph will do "revision or color change" of the characteristics of the design, Every change is a new and beautiful attempt. Therefore, the color of the product picture is for reference only, when the revision or color change, Please use real products! Thank you all~


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