Cylindrical Blood Dragon Dandelion Pendant

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Handmade Blood Dragon Wood Pendant (Emperor) Simple cylindrical Production style is all original and unique


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Cylindrical Blood Dragon Dandelion Pendant


- Size description
Chain size: stainless steel necklace, neck circumference up to 49CM
Pendant size: 4.9 long, 1.3 diameter (the amount is the longest, thickness and width standard)

- Material Description: Resin, dandelion, blood dragon wood, blue green luminous, ultra-fine glitter
- The transparent part is light blue resin with ultra-fine glitter floating around the dandelion, from which angle you can see the dream micro flash ~

- luminous
The night light used by the pendant is bright and luminous. It needs to absorb the light source before it shines in the sun for 15 seconds, under strong light for 1-10 minutes (the shorter the time is, the shorter the absorption time is).
The luminous color is blue-green and glows in the dark for 2-3 hours. Luminous light is not an LED light and it is not possible to keep shining continuously. If you have any questions, you can directly ask for information through private letters.

Blood dragon wood is the king of wood raja kayu emperor wood
The most amazing thing about blood dragon wood is that it will transmit light. When a flashlight shines on the wood chips, the light will penetrate the wood chips. This light transmission performance is unique among all kinds of wood species.
(Blood Dragon Wood mentioned on the Internet to the format of various health care and body protection function, you can check on the Internet.)

Blood dragon wood wear and maintenance

Avoid direct contact with chemicals such as perspiration, perfume or cosmetics, and water when wearing.
Blood dragon wood contains water, shrinks when the air humidity is too low, and swells when it is too high, so don't put it in too dry or humid places. High density hardwood, less likely to encounter worms
It is recommended not to place the product in places with excessively high temperature, sun exposure or moisture. When cleaning, wipe it with a cloth slightly moistened with water. Do not flush it. Try to avoid water. Dry the water as soon as possible to avoid shortening the pendant. Years of age. If the pendant is often worn on the body, we do not need to wipe it with olive oil. If you do not want to bring a thin olive oil into the box, put it in an air-dry place.

Therefore, the wood grain of each pendant is different and has its own uniqueness. The wood grain or color of the same type of ebony wood used in the shop is slightly different, and it is especially valuable to cherish each luminous wooden pendant.


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