haoshi_Sparrow clock Sparrow Clock_Color Edition/Light Yellow

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In the morning, the dew is attached to the wings. The air in the city is mixed with trees and flowers. The sun is swaying between the houses. The sparrows sometimes jump and sometimes fly to sing the joy of today. The color of happiness.



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haoshi_Sparrow clock Sparrow Clock_Color Edition/Light Yellow


Conceptual thinking: Pink, sweet love, shy and rich; Yellow, it is your gentle care, simple and warm; Blue is my deepest thought for you. In your space, the city is filled with happy temperatures like spring. Look at the sparrows outside the window, relying on you and me, guarding each time with each other; Thank you for your company, because of you, my life can be so colorful. The sparrow's figure is in the corner of the house; haoshi uses the habits of their clusters to compare the strong and fickle emotions in love. Pink, sweet love, shy and rich; Yellow, is your gentle care, simple and warm; Blue, for you are my deepest thoughts. With you in space, the city is full of happiness with blessed temperature, Look out the window sparrow clings to each other, guarding the every moments they have; Thank you for your company, because of you, my life can be so colorful. Sparrow exquisite figure, shuttle between the corners of home; haoshi design by their habit of clustering, metaphor for faithful love and the vagaries of emotional color. https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4277/35329872161_c30b515c5a_b.jpg https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4279/35460120215_e372329539_b.jpg Product specifications Dimensions: 820mm (W) × 80mm (D) × 450mm (H) Material: resin / movement Specifications: light yellow (a total of six colors) Origin / manufacturing methods: Made in Taiwan handmade ○ This product comes with a crash box https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4256/35329872861_f1fd6b2cb7_b.jpg https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4257/35460120885_87675b2640_b.jpg Sparrow clock installation steps: The install instruction of the sparrow clock 1. Float the installation diagram to the wall. Paste the installation chart on the wall. https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4230/34650650753_9499700a91_b.jpg 2. Two circular positioning holes on the drawing are marked on the wall to indicate the position of the screw hanging the movement. Use two of the round holes on the installation chart to mark the screw positions for hanging the mechanism. 3. The four oval positioning holes on the figure are marked on the wall to indicate the position of the four birds. Use four of the elliptic holes on the installation chart to mark the positions for placing the birds. 4. Remove the installation diagram. Remove the installation chart carefully when finished all marks. 5. (When the wooden wall is skipped to step 6) Use the position marked in step 2 to insert a hole in the wall and insert the plastic sleeve. (Skip the step if the clock will apply on wood wall) Use the marks which been created in the installation step 2 to drill holes in the wall and put into Plastic tubes. 6. Tilt the screw slightly upwards into the wall to prevent the movement from slipping off the wall. Fix the screw into the wall in a slightly tilted upward angle. It will avoid the mechanism sliding out from the wall. 7. Using the pointer adjustment knob on the back of the movement, set the clock to the current time and place a #3 AA carbon zinc battery (R6P). Adjust the clock to local time from the hands adjustment knob of the back of mechanism. Place a R6P AA size carbon-zinc battery. 8. Align the two round holes at the rear of the movement with the screws on the wall and securely mount them on the wall. Install the clock by aligning the holes at the back of mechanism and the screws on the wall. Make sure the clock is steadily attached on the screws. https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4263/35420515866_be88cf2f06_b.jpg 9. Remove the back strip of the bird, compare the number on the back, and use the position indicated in step 3 to adhere the bird to the wall in order to complete the installation. (When pasting the sparrow, please continue to gently press for 30 seconds to strengthen the adhesion) Each sparrow has its own number on the back. Please tear apart the adhesive tape then paste them in order on the marks that has been created in the installation step 3 to complete the setting. (Attention: Please press lightly for 30 seconds on each sparrow to ensure they really stick to the wall.) https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4210/35293842802_0c465474d5_b.jpg Instructions for use: 1. Please install the general 3rd carbon-zinc battery for the movement. It is recommended to replace the battery once every 3 months. Place a R6P AA size carbon-zinc battery in the mechanism. We recommend to replace the battery every three months. 2. It is recommended to avoid using strong alkaline batteries to avoid damage to the movement. Please avoid using alkaline battery for it will damage the mechanism. 3. Use the adjustment knob on the back of the movement to adjust the time. Do not directly push the pointer to cause the pointer to loosen and the time is not accurate. Use the hands adjustment knob at the back of mechanism to adjust the time. Please do not use your finger to move the hands directly, for the hands will get loose and cause in the incorrect presentation. https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4256/35420515656_8711f634cd_b.jpg 4. Do not install the clock on a rugged wall. Please do not install the clock on a rough surface wall.


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