Classic small fragrance elegant Chanel high-end glass cup glass micro-view Valentine's day birthday gift

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Classic small fragrance elegant Chanel high-end glass cup glass micro-view Valentine's day birthday gift


The name of the work: classic small fragrance, elegant Chanel high-end glass cup glass micro-view Valentine's day birthday gift Size description: The size is about 10*10 cm Color series: black and white (important) *Please read the dimensions and precautions carefully before buying, to avoid "not in line with imagination". *Order-made products will take about 5-7 days [excluding holidays]. They will be produced in the order of the order, and will be produced after the order is received. If the order is made early, it will be sent as soon as possible. *If it happens on Friday, the shipment will not be sent, because the freight will not be sent the next day, the delivery time will increase, and there will be a lot of risks. If you have any needs, please order as soon as possible. Thank you. Viewing period: about one year to three years ▕ Matters needing attention▕ 1. The postures of the flower materials are different, and the seasonal conditions of the flower materials are difficult to predict, so the flower market status and inventory are the main ones 2. The product and the picture cannot be 100% the same, please refer to the actual product, please do not order if you cannot accept it 3. In case of shortage of flowers, the designer will use the same color or similar flowers to replace 4. The color of dried and non-withered flowers changes with time 5. Please read the size and precautions carefully before purchasing, to avoid the occurrence of "not in line with imagination" 6. If you have any questions after purchase, please contact us and provide after-sales service. It is not easy to operate a one-person studio. Masami hopes that every piece of work will make the recipient happy. ▕ Maintenance and preservation▕ 1. Place in a dry and ventilated place to avoid moisture 2. Do not expose to direct sunlight 3. No watering required 4. If there is dust sticking, please use the cold wind of a hair dryer or soft brush to brush gently ▕ Shipping instructions▕ 1. It is inevitable that small flowers will fall during the delivery process, which is normal 2. Works sent by supermarkets are more likely to be damaged. It is recommended to use the seller’s home delivery or post. 3. The designer cannot anticipate the delivery process (such as collision, drop, etc.), but the packaging will do its best to deal with it, and please handle it carefully, if there is any situation when you receive it, please let us know. 4. If you have any special requirements when sending, please inform first (for example, write a small card as a gift), and also be sure to inform the recipient that the shipment has arrived, otherwise the recipient may refuse to accept it.


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In the world of Chanel, the most classic and fashionable colors are always black and white, and black and white can always contain everything. The elegant and small fragrance glass cup is the classic first choice.


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