AJ2 │ Otaru │ Lake Green │ Single Seat and Room Armchair

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AJ2 │ Otaru │ Lake Green │ Single Seat and Room Armchair



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AJ2 │ Otaru │ Lake Green │ Single Seat and Room Armchair


∎ 30 years of export factory, 100% MIT staff ∎ Created for the small space of the metropolis, it does not occupy space, is light and easy to move. ∎ Through a simple reversal, you can switch between the construction of the mattress and the room chair. ∎ Equipped with heat-treatment five-section adjustment gear, which can be used flexibly when sitting, lying and lying down ∎ Double washable table cloth design, simple cleaning can return the purest color https://i.imgur.com/EdXyIAY.jpg https://www.aj2.com.tw/data/goods/201604/14600149298D9712.jpg The Otaru single and room sofa bed is not only a room chair designed for a comfortable seat, but also does not occupy space, light, versatile, removable and washable functions. With a simple flip, you can easily convert between the single mattress and the room chair, breaking your imagination for a traditional sofa! https://www.aj2.com.tw/data/goods/201604/1460014930PQZHI2.jpg The Otaru single and room sofa bed is made of high-strength iron pipe supports coated with high-density foam, which has excellent flexibility and support. It can relax even when lying down or riding. Removable sofa fabric design, no need to worry about contact with the ground when using, simple cleaning can return to the purest nature. https://www.aj2.com.tw/data/property/201604/146096668527KXO0.jpg The back of the chair is equipped with a 5-section flip angle that can be adjusted as needed without any effort. Otaru single and room sofa bed height reduction design is more suitable for children and elders to create a harmonious and relaxing time, to accompany every important moment in the family members! https://www.aj2.com.tw/data/property/201604/14600482477UL2C0.jpg From design, pattern making, sewing, filling and packaging, each small single bed and room sofa bed comes from the hands of the AJ2 Tainan masters. It takes thirty years of persistence and technology to allow you to live in a small space. Enjoy the ultimate comfort of 100% MIT. https://www.aj2.com.tw/data/goods/201604/1460014935EDZ602.jpg https://www.aj2.com.tw/data/goods/201604/1460014936TAIRU2.jpg https://www.aj2.com.tw/data/goods/201604/1460014937RPC172.jpg https://www.aj2.com.tw/data/goods/201604/1460014938C2LO42.jpg https://www.aj2.com.tw/data/goods/201604/1460014951IS7WS2.jpg https://www.aj2.com.tw/data/goods/201604/14600149491YLBB2.jpg https://www.aj2.com.tw/data/goods/201604/1461747933ZLLHQ2.jpg The high-density foams used by ZUMMIE's single-seat sofas and room sofa beds have all been tested and approved by SGS and include ROHS polymers, hexavalent chromium (Cr+6), total polybrominated biphenyls, total polybrominated diphenyl ethers and even other chemical substances. In order to "zero detect zero", AJ2 loves the concept of home for you to strictly control every procedure in the production process, so that you can buy it with peace of mind and feel more at ease:) https://cdn2.citiesocial.com/citiesocial/image/fetch/w_500,c_thumb,q_100/https://citiesocial.s3.amazonaws.com/apps/proposals/proposed_products/196220441/description_images/SGS1.jpg https://cdn2.citiesocial.com/citiesocial/image/fetch/w_500,c_thumb,q_100/https://citiesocial.s3.amazonaws.com/apps/proposals/proposed_products/196220441/description_images/SGS2.jpg https://cdn2.citiesocial.com/citiesocial/image/fetch/w_500,c_thumb,q_100/https://citiesocial.s3.amazonaws.com/apps/proposals/proposed_products/196220441/description_images/SGS3.jpg https://cdn2.citiesocial.com/citiesocial/image/fetch/w_500,c_thumb,q_100/https://citiesocial.s3.amazonaws.com/apps/proposals/proposed_products/196220441/description_images/SGS5.jpg https://cdn2.citiesocial.com/citiesocial/image/fetch/w_500,c_thumb,q_100/https://citiesocial.s3.amazonaws.com/apps/proposals/proposed_products/196220441/description_images/SGS4.jpg Origin / manufacturing methods 100%MIT Made in Taiwan / Manual


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