[Liu reservation, please inquire first] CANON FD 28mm F2.8 SC lens

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[Liu reservation, please inquire first] CANON FD 28mm F2.8 SC lens


Focal length: 28mm Aperture: 2.8-22 Adapter: CANON FD 28mm wide-angle lens, with a 2.8 aperture, it’s not too strong, and you can shoot in places with insufficient light, and it’s also suitable for landscape or street photography. The function is normal, please refer to the photo for the appearance, we subjectively judge it as B grade [Add battery & film & wrist strap & strap... and other accessories] If you need to buy accessories, film, batteries, etc., please go to other categories in this store to buy. [Please read the subscripts] ①There is only one item for all items in this store. If you want to, please ask and answer questions first, please do not directly subscript ②You can go to "Lomo graphy" or "Fli ck r" to search for the name of the camera for actual photos. There will be many photos to enjoy. ③If you have any questions, you can chat directly, or search for our "Sunday Antique Camera" on Facebook and Instagram to send us a private message. 【Camera Rating】 S Class-New Products in Stock Grade A-Recent products & very few traces of use Class B-Traces of normal use Class C-More traces of use & defects that do not affect imaging Class D-There are defects that affect imaging, but you can still shoot Class E-Cannot shoot normally, part machine 【Store Introduction】 The boss loves to take pictures and also loves the camera (this is simply nonsense). Whether you are discussing camera equipment or taking pictures, you can communicate with the boss in private. If you want to take off the equipment you don’t want to use, you can also contact the boss. If you see something you like You also want to buy equipment, but please note that taking pictures is a happy thing, so the boss does not want everyone to misunderstand and make troubles due to the cognitive differences in the transaction, so I specially help you to order the transaction information. Please be aware before buying. Thank you! [Transaction Needs to Know] ①The boss attaches great importance to credit, so each product is sold in an order. The person who asks first will retain the right to buy first. If the transaction is unsuccessful, the next customer will be notified according to the order of questioning. ②The boss’s photography skills are too good. If you take a bit more seriously, it will be too beautiful, so if you are worried about the actual product and the photo, you can send a private message. The boss will not light it up and take a picture of you with a bad phone to let you see clearly The true face of the product. ③The boss is very insatiable, so he will try his best to clearly write all the current status of the goods in the store, but it is inevitable that there will be mistakes in the busy. If you have something that particularly minds, you are welcome to use private messages to ask the boss for the parts that the boss did not mention, the boss will be patient Answer the status of your products one by one. ④There are two trading methods in this store. One is delivery. If you are sure to use the delivery method, please pay attention to the two points above ②③. Please confirm the condition of the product before placing an order. If you receive the product, find If there is a gap with the boss, you can still get a full refund. ⑤Another transaction method is to come to the store to pick it up. Please make an appointment with us before you come to the store to pick it up. Come to the store to pick it up with a complete instruction, so please choose a time that is not too hurry, and let the boss explain the product to you. The status quo & usage of the camera, if you want to take a notebook out to take notes, you can, because the old camera is very fragile, so improper operation can easily damage it. Store Address: No. 3-3, Lane 56, Gongming Street, Danshui District, New Taipei City 251 (You can also search "Sunday antique cameras/accessories" directly on google map). [Warranty description] All products have a 30-day warranty, the warranty description is as follows: ①Non-man-made damage (no scratches, breaks, bruises, etc.), broken under normal operation, can be repaired for free, or a full refund will be given to you. ②If it is judged to be man-made damage, the warranty is still available, but the repair fee will be charged. If you think that the minor problem does not affect the shooting, it does not matter if you do not want to repair it. The boss will quote you first, and then you can decide whether to repair it. ③The warranty period is 30 days after receipt, so please take pictures as soon as possible within 30 days. If there is a problem with the camera after the warranty period, you can still contact the boss, but the repair fee will be charged. ④The domestic/international return shipping fee is paid by the buyer


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